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Should I short it?

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>btc does literally anything
>link goes down
>whales buy link dip
>link suddenly goes up and makes new ath
Rinse and repeat, how have you not fucking noticed this?

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checked. now this is BULLISH

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Not selling

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Literally no one on biz doesn’t own chainlink.

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Assblaster is probably dead, he leaked too much.

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Was there new assblaster thread two days ago?Link please

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actually if you read their whitepaper they stress the problem of not being able to put external data into smart contracts

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>Would appreciate a brief explanation on what they are trying to accomplish

To make us all rich.

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So the news I offer today, I was talking to someone about LINK, and long story short the main reason Sergey has been so absent lately is because of the upgrade to Go. It was totally unexpected and is a serious curveball for him. It's really putting a big delay on everything. So now you're wondering, 'Why upgrade to go?' and the reason lies in Native Client, a Google sandbox that ChainLink hopes to incorporate into their product. I am not a CS guy so I don't know how exactly Google sandbox works, you can read about it here:


Anyways the rumour is Google in general is slowly pushing forward an entire ecosystem around data APIs in the future, basically Google wants to monopolise data and they see this potential ecosystem as the next 'evolutionary step' in the Google platform. Think of like GPS, weather, transporation, space etc all at a military level of precision. Go somehow ties into all this, again not a CS guy so Go might not be suitable necessarily for the actual analysis of this data, but it is important.

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We ended up buying 100MM around 15 cents. 100MM that will never be sold, because we're holding for a node. I also know for a fact several other firms are putting together their teams.

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I actually said in my post that I knew no one would believe me, but my goal is to keep posting whatever tidbits I can and hopefully eventually people will trust me. Also I can't reveal how much the other firms put in, but we put down 14MM USD executed when the price was around 16 cents, under the counter negotiations for bulk sum we basically got 100MM of the LINK. In essence the firm I work for PERSONALLY got 10% of all the LINK. Best part is now I can't get in any trouble, especially since the price of LINK went down from when I posted to when we executed the deal. I still can't reveal my firms name (NDAs etc) and because related firms may still want to buy in at a relatively low price.

So in essence you might as well assume almost 30% of currently distributed LINK is now in the hands of ONE (relatively) small private firm, expressly for the purpose of node establishment. Let that sink in. 100MM LINK that will NEVER sell.

I still never get why /biz/ thought I was shilling, especially when there was 0 chance you guys would pump the price. I strongly recommend one of you guys look through the archived thread, some idiot even argued that a 7 figure price injection wouldn't move the price of LINK, kek.

P.S. I propose that we make Dennis Reynolds the new face of ChainLINK, posting some OC myself in support of this.

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