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That's it, 23.50 is the top.

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Hey guys, are there any good books out there that talk about the mass culling of humanity?
I want to read up on some books that go into depth on why normies are gonna start dropping like fucking flies as soon as Bill Gates rolls out his new vaccine.

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even with the dips today i'm still up overall from when i started (january of this year)

and historically the market always recovers no matter how bad things may seem

investing in crypto (and in general) is a good way to teach yourself patience

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ahhh fuck i wanna be an overnight millionaire

i wanna buy some shitcoin, go to sleep, and wake up and see that it did a 100x or some shit

just let that happen to me for once please god clown world have mercy on my pathetic soul

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This really isn't that bad of a dump you newfags.

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>everyone here shitting themselves
>I've been 100% GME since before Q2

Calm down you fags

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>25 @ 7.23

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I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. Shut the fuck up you delusional bear retards.

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You all: reeeing into the oblivion

Everyone else:

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>got memed into an engineering degree
>was promised OP's pic related
>can't get a job a year after graduating
>everyone wants five years experience to do monkey-tier work in Excel
>still living with mom
>gf taking a second job
feels pretty bad man

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Had some free time.
A Tale of 300.

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