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So what if this was the reason the shareholder meeting was postponed?!?!?!

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Imagine how many years they'll spend having each holder on trial while we're still holding indefinitely. surely the court system will run out of money before we sell.

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>start investing for first time in pandemic era
>didn't know what I was doing
>went up to $50k despite some shotty choices
>poor fag so that's the most I've ever had at once
>didn't sell during last peak
>rode all the way to the bottom and had to sell due to losing job at the time
>learned a lot since along the way
>seems like its par for the course to lose in the beginning
>decided for my mental health I would take a break from browsing this place religiously and staring at chart
>just let it go
>it's been a year since browsing /biz/, missed most of 2023
>increased my income drastically since, quit weed and had a kid
>feel like this is the year, this is the time
I'm back and I'm ready to make it this time guys. What did I miss? What are the hot coins now? Are we still hyped for ICP?

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We're back.

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we just can't stop winning rentchads

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>stock portfolio: in the red
>crypto portfolio: all but vaporized
>zestimate: down and falling
>cost of goods and services: skyrocketing
hold me bros

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Wagie equity gibs. Also XMR (50% of my portfolio), LINK, AVAX, ETH, and ROSE (ROSE fucking sucks but I held the bag from the top)

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Powell will save us tomorrow bull sisters

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desu I'd fuck her. I would fuck just about any woman. It's not that I have some sort of self esteem issue or whatever. but I'm just so damn horny all the fucking time and any woman with a pretty or unique face gets me hard

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I'd bust my ass doing hard labor for good money (actual good money that lets me get ahead in life, not what boomers stuck in 1981 consider good money). I'd bust my ass doing hard labor for shit money if I had a noble cause and something bigger than myself to believe in and work towards.

What I absolutely will not do is bust my ass for poverty-tier pay while living in le 56% and falling mutt dystopia where groids are encouraged to commit crime and trannies openly groom children and the government rolls out the red carpet for illegals and all profits flow to (((them))). Those are my terms, take it or leave it.

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I took the remotepill. I get an inflated salary from a company based in a fucking expensive coastal city, enough to make me a 1%er in my flyover ZIP code. But it's less than they would pay me if I lived in the city the office is in so they're happy to save money and I'm happy to be rich for my area and get ahead. They pay to fly me out a few times a year so I can have fun in the big city on their dime every few months but I still live in a nice big house on a few acres in my white town and get to fuck around most of the work day.

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literally me too dear anon.. im happy for you too

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If you had to start from almost zero knowledge and 1000 USD capital. How long and hard would it be to learn and start having profits? Like a side salary tier. Approx 1500-3000 USD a month.

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Yesterday when the inflation of my country went above 100% because due to progressive wealth taxes nobody is using the kosher banking system anymore since at 10k usd you start to pay wealth taxes.

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No it's a great country full of innovation, but the entire financial system since 1971 is ponziesque,
the problem is that greenspan is the only fed leader that knew and talked about this.

But from 1971 to 2008 the ponzi had low inflation because globalization increased demand for the dollar due to rapid pop growth and currency demand once that peaked it all went to shit and nobody ever cared about what greenspan ever said about fiat currency being suicidal.

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Cheers friend.

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>They were almost pricing 6% rates yesterday

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1 BTC = 1 BTC

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What software do you use for analysis and statistics related to stocks?

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if i post the first, most immediate thought that comes into my mind with foundations in love, no expectations, and light energy. it, with high probability, ends in dubs.

if i second guess myself, rework the phrase, delay, put my own restrictions like ego. it, with high probability, will end in single digit.

do with this information what you will. also fuck jannies.

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we ending green BOIL chads?

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