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I read the article linked about ALBA and at first I was stoked, but after a few minutes of research, I am very skeptical. Looking for others to dig into this as well. At best, its real. At worst, we have a faggot in our midst creating fake people, articles and websites. Read the article, then review my notes and let me know your thoughts /xsg/. This just sounds like some faggots larp including in all the keywords we want to see.

>Clare received an award for her role in helping in the design of the federal reserve notes. Clare was the highest rated member of the Federal Reserve's Investments Team during the 2020 financial crisis. Clare is currently completing a report with the World Economic Forum to help investment bankers prepare for the next pandemic.

>ALBA site (looks like a HS HTML project)
>Clare Rothschild LinkedIn (Doesn't work, Fake)
>Domain Registry (Created this month)

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