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>Net tax rate of 60%
>Retiring early becomes 2.5 times as expensive

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Anyone else trying to make it as a Youtuber? I just want to get monetized and get steady views, damn it. All my videos get like 5 views despite the thumbnails and titles being on point, and the description optimized for SEO. I'm tired, boss...

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>I feel like a lot of bagholders were made in /smg/ today

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I could have bought 2 days ago...

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how do i deal with lossing over 1m$ worth of crypto?

>in crypto since 2016
>invested over 50k$ over the years
>had over 1m$ just a few months ago
>lost it all leverage trading
>am 30 years old now
>0 networth

I think about what a retarded idiot i am every single day
Contemplating suicide and not as a joke
I've ruined my life and the life of my loved ones
I know that the chances of acquiring this wealth again are very slim and that ill have to live my life as a poorfag because of my stupid actions

how do I deal with this? im so devastated ...

its not a larp btw

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>wake up
>still an old virgin
>check portfolio
>sleep for another 14 hours
i just want to sleep forever

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Sorry guys I was really hung over so I was driving to the liquor store for a few smirnoff root beer nips out of the fridge there. Just slammed 3 and I'm feeling much better! Now, what's on the agenda today?

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>what would he say?
you STILL play runescape?...

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>not pay higher taxes
>except if your pay is adjusted for 20% inflation
>higher tax bracket time :)

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me and im laughing my ass off that you found that

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