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What's the point of investing in the stock market when internet monopoly money is safer and more guarenteed to make you rich faster

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Enjoy yourself.
Take your friends and family out to eat at a really nice place.

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Is id is green , btc goes too $200k

Also checkem

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dubs for recovery to 50k tomorrow

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We already have reusable rockets and have also already proven automated mining processes feasible. If you can't figure out what that means, especially with glowies involved, then more power to you buddy.

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I manufacture large agricultural parts via rotational molding. It's cake and I get 10 hours a day, over 2/3rds of which are spent on biz and trading. Just me and one other guy 3pm to 1am with just enough physical activity to drop me from size 42 pants back to 34.
Love it.

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Shill me a promising shitcoin

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I hold GME and BSV
Am I going to make it?

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current portfolio breakdown:
- 67% boomer-like stonks
- 20% income/divy ETFs
- 5% cash
- 4% memes/spacs
- 3% cannabis
- 1% puts

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Sometimes I like to watch videos of property tours of multi million dollar homes on youtube. Anyone else?
I'd like beach front property somewhere nice. Secluded enough that I can do anything in privacy, but neighbours and the city close enough that it isn't a hassle to drive to. Somewhere with beautiful women as well.

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Nice stack anon

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Enjoy the (You) kid

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>wake up
>lift weights in my garage
>browse /int/ all day on my back porch swinging on the hammock chair
>check my crypto portfolio
>cook myself a healthy meal on the grill outside and eat
>go on a walk (usually 5 miles)
>back to the porch and continue to browse 4chan until phone battery dies
>go inside, plug my phone, do homework and love my pets

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It's looking like we're back on track fellas

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Qrd on urus fren

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>nobody cares about your metals
>the racism and antisemitism and threats of violence here certainly draw attention though.
yeah, that stuff sucks. i think most of them are the same person trying to brainwash us. it's a crappy meta meme and logical short circuit. maybe it's the stormfront raid that's still going on. who knows. i want to see shinies and hear how smart i am for stacking.

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Wanted to buy BTC at $50k because of boomer stocks crabbing, but I was too stupid to do it lmao.

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i would literally give her a sweet and complete dicking before she dies bros
i want her to feel wanted just one more time bros

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we all gonna make it

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Not enough. I want to see ETH fags suffer more.

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I see your a man of taste and culture.

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What are some brilliant ways to make passive income?

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I showed a chubby black chick my $120 GAINZ and we banged while A Fistful Of Dollars played in the background.
Now I'm Snapchatting a chubby Mexican chick and plan on doing the same, except we're gonna watch For A Few Dollars More.

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5 mins from clock out time, got this job 6 weeks ago and not done a single thing. Comfiest job of all time and weekly pay to boot. What’s not to like

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