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Man I wish I could today. I mean, obviously I'm doing the drinking part but we're having a big GO-LIVE so I've been at work since 7 monitoring that everything is going smoothly. Tomorrow I shall do absolutely fucking nothing to restore the balance.

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>literal pajeets
>broke teenagers repeating buzzwords/financial terms with little understanding
>easily 20% bots posting at any given time
>freelancing websites filled with listings for paid shilling rugpulls specifically on biz
>intentionally bad advice because it’s funny
>tranny jannies that are bribed to promote/not delete obvious scams

I shouldn’t have to say this but biz is not where the financially literate hangout. This is for memes and memes only, you will lose the shirt on your back taking advice here lmao

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Have they updated their menu to include any items that won't cause taco bell butt?
Its a combination of beer, no exercise and lack of access to scoopsie's bussy. SAD.
Shorter dated options have greater risk and therefore greater potential rewards. Most people will tell you not to trade short dated OTM options The people suggesting you start trading them are degenerate gamblers (myself included)
small cap futures are closed right now.

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so, /biz/ in a nutshell?

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>How do you think credit cards make money??
Merchant fees and dipshits who don't may their balances off. It's not my fault poor people are stupid, nor is it my fault the US govt won't cap merchant fees

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If you're going to buy...
1) Buy a house (if you can) that hasn't been built yet. Developers will want to sell ASAP to recoup costs and give cheaper prices.
2) Buy a house on the outside of a developing area. That's as cheap as it's going to get and within a few years they'll develop past that property, therefor increasing the value of yours for being closer to whatever school/attraction there is.
3) Wait for a change in the market. This is key. In 2008 a specific house for 400k was listed at 200k a year later after the crash. The value for the same house came back to 400k in less than two years. In other words, you would have saved 200k by not spending it to buy the house, then made 200k by not forcing the issue. The price doesn't determine the value, the market does.

There's a whole 'nother factor in this that nobody talks about... it's what the elites plan. If you know that, it's hard to fail, just do what they do... and right now? They're buying commodities, like land.

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>top 25 project
>pumped while everything down
>been talked about on biz for years

Grow a chin weirdo

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Lol I drove by some retards house with unencrypted wifi and robbed his helium miner

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simple as

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>literally buy any top10 project
>make it

Between all the pajeet scams, newfags, and retarded zoomers trying to gamble $400, I think the fundamentals get blurred.

You aren’t going to get rich by investing triple digit welfare money, you need to actually work and contribute something of value before gaining anything worth investing.

Most crypto isn’t a ponzsi scheme but low test weirdos give the community a bad rep

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I have a pretty big tiktok that I started just for fun and now I’m able to monetize. A friend is paying me to market an NFT project, I’m considering products for affiliate marketing/ideas I mentioned above and tiktok itself pays me 20-25/day just for having 10K+ followers.

I started off by making comedy content that’s relatable, relatable is the key because people are more likely to share, which makes your content rank higher on tiktok algorithm. Examples of things are “kids named x be like:” “your racist uncle be like:” “small towns be like:” and have some kind of funny dialog and a smart phone with good picture quality

When making content think of what retards would be likely to share to other retards

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>be me
>6’4 /fit/ blonde/blue eyes
>produce shitty rhythms and rap beats for a hobby 7 years ago on YouTube
>unemployed just gym and fap
>get a burst of inspiration
>walk into an s&p 500 company in my city
>hired by roastie on the spot
>110k/year assistant coordinator of client relations for music production branch

Everyone I work with has a degree and spent years in school incurring debt/anger just to get absolutely mogged by me, essentially a white nigger

They aren’t important at all. You might have the confidence to apply for a job with a relative degree but the reality is that the people hiring you don’t give a fuck as long as you don’t make them look bad and/or aren’t ugly/weird/unpleasant to be around.

If you at any point in life need school to succeed = NGMI

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>green Id

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What's the point of investing in the stock market when internet monopoly money is safer and more guarenteed to make you rich faster

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Enjoy yourself.
Take your friends and family out to eat at a really nice place.

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Is id is green , btc goes too $200k

Also checkem

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dubs for recovery to 50k tomorrow

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We already have reusable rockets and have also already proven automated mining processes feasible. If you can't figure out what that means, especially with glowies involved, then more power to you buddy.

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I manufacture large agricultural parts via rotational molding. It's cake and I get 10 hours a day, over 2/3rds of which are spent on biz and trading. Just me and one other guy 3pm to 1am with just enough physical activity to drop me from size 42 pants back to 34.
Love it.

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Shill me a promising shitcoin

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I hold GME and BSV
Am I going to make it?

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current portfolio breakdown:
- 67% boomer-like stonks
- 20% income/divy ETFs
- 5% cash
- 4% memes/spacs
- 3% cannabis
- 1% puts

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Sometimes I like to watch videos of property tours of multi million dollar homes on youtube. Anyone else?
I'd like beach front property somewhere nice. Secluded enough that I can do anything in privacy, but neighbours and the city close enough that it isn't a hassle to drive to. Somewhere with beautiful women as well.

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Nice stack anon

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