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>says alcohol is for fags
>calls himself the most faggoty term in the history of human language

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>Go on to Joe Biden's website to check some of his policies
>He's still begging for campaign donations to make Donald Trump a one-term president

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Virtue signaling sums it all up pretty handy.
The entire system operates around getting validation and social credit basically, so everyone acts lock step in the same saccharine politically-correct way. And you know just about every single person doesn't actually believe that shit fully, yet they will commit to it and never question it, lest they lose their made-up social credits and don't get the dopamine-burnout rush of a number attached to posts they make.

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I FOMO bought GME, set a stop sell at like like 5% profit which got triggered when the train derailed - I made like $500 I guess.
Meanwhile, this 60% loss on AMC; $2500 and counting. That's gonna turn into a 12-month hold just to break even
Bonus, down $1500 on NOK too, but that was always gonna be a long-term hold

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This anon. Even though im tradie wageslave I am very frugal and in secret stacking BTC and PMs and getting my company match in boomer stonks. Most normies think im a prepper autist because I keep extra stores of food and water in case of emergencies. I also have a basic firearm so I am almost prepared for any situation.

However my living situation on the surface screams deadbeat loser because im living with my girlfriends family in a single family home. I live in a commie high cost of living state so its pretty fucked right now.

Little do they know however.....

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>information versus thought provocation
Much better way to educate than my post, well done anon.

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>need to make 100k yearly income to start a family
>would have to work all day every day so can't even see his wife or kids
>currently only making 70k a year in his 40s, so only has a cat
And they wonder why the birth rate is shit

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>Thread about psyops gets prunned by mods.
>This bananas bullshit suicide thread is left up.

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Dreams are powerful. They can help you see fragments of what could be, so you are more prepared to face it when/if it comes.
Deja vu isn't just some mystic mumbo jumbo. It's scientifically your brain going "ok we've prepared for this."

Your brain is an organic supercomputer that is very good at predicting things.

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It handles drug traffic because its anonymous.
Why would I need that in a legal environment?
>Huuuur duuuur dum dum pot deads haven't they seen reefer madness?

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I'd honestly be surprised if it dropped that much.
Maybe close to 1k sats but there is to much potential for this coin especially compared to others.

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So can anyone say why BTC and BCH couldn't live in harmony in the future? BTC would be like the gold backing up the BCH dollar.
BTC for storage
BCH for spending
Why wouldn't this work out? Are people just fangays about there own coins and contrarian about others?

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I can identify stupid money when I see it, bro. Why do you think I love /biz/ so much?

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isn't there a quote going around along the lines of doing the opposite of what you tell me to do?

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sounds like you


got fucked

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Anon is trying to steal all your monies, run away little girl

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>"there's no way, drumpf could never become president"
>"look at that lead! The falcons have this game in the bag!"
>"buy JDST for the rate hike, golds gonna plummet!"
>"this healthcare isn't gonna pass it's all over, liquidate and buy gold!"

Soooooo all in biotechs/JDST?

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Thoughts on the earnings for this week?

>KTOS tonight
>CEMP tomorrow morning
>MACK on Wednesday
>GERN on Wednesday

KTOS is shaping up to be a moon mission I'm hoping. Sold a lot of drones to the pentagon this year. Also all other defense companies beat their earnings recently.

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What if you short a stock and the value goes to 0? Do you get infinite money?

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