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Pixfi $Pix. Will be the best NFT market place for every chain that matters.
Buy at lauch and hold or don't and screencap this post and cry knowing you could have made it.

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and wallah, just like that we'll never be below 67k again
hope you didn't get shaken out

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got the drop, cheers Force anon.

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After taking a break for the last couple years, I want to start putting a shit ton of my free time into trading again. I used to use gains.trade but the fees made it a little difficult to make consistent profit. Any suggestions for platforms besides the gain network, and and suggestions for where to see orderflows would be much appreciated. Or anywhere besides here to find alpha… also how much are token unlocks priced in early nowadays? A little, a ton… I imagine it depends?

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Bullish as fuck, now women don´t have to make up excuses to watch a children´s network, and they are the most rash half of the consumer base. Just buy some small stake in Louis Vuitton and some candy shop and you got everything a woman can ever want.

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Got a small bag, make it a big bag for me faggots

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Imagine BTC being scared of a dog coin..

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And this type of attitude is why so many new fags fail at trading. In trading you're not always going to get filled, shares won't be available to short, set ups won't be clean, you'll miss opportunities, etc... Those charts were all just from this week, I was simply demonstrating that these set ups occur on a regular basis and that you can spot them real time and it's not just "muh hindsight".

No matter what account statements I posted you'd say "photo shopped, larp, or that I stole them".

Cope. Been doing this full time for half a decade. You blow up when you don't have any basic sense of risk management.

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Why hello my fellow men of taste

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Had my eye on this for ages. Bought at $9 right before the run. Thought we'd retrace at $14 so sold it back. It did retrace but just ate $13 like a bitch and rebounded. Fuckin hell. I have to stick to my guns now but this one is prob the most impressive alt I've found as far as sats strength. Gjwp. Hope I'm back in the ranks soon.

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If you had to give a 2 minute elevator pitch for cryptocurrency, blockchain, defi, etc. as a whole, thinking about where it is now and where it will be in 20-30 years (assuming things go well and it (((they))) don’t fuck it all up)

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tomorrow is sunday, you know what that means

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Hello frens, do any of you who have bought suits before have advice for a first timer? I’m a college student trying to get into the finance field, not trying to spend too much but need something professional/respectable. Maybe $4-600 at most, I’m 5’8 130 lbs but hoping to beef up a little over the year (ask the tailor to leave some room for muscle growth?). I’m going to go check out the local suit place that’s been in business 50+ years, just seeing if you have any suggestions for style or maybe say order online and just get it tailored… a suit is really just a sports coat+button down+pants right? Just as long as everything matches?

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Small time investing outlets are putting out American articles with the pump on "no news". A couple of literal no troll female jeet articles about how American doesn't own the rock so it will go bankrupt, implying they won't adopt room temp superconductors into their product line almost immediately.

Over the next few months, watch for superconductor R&D private companies, manufacturing companies announcing mass production and later companies with use cases (a lot).

American is still the current play being only 1 of 2 superconductor companies on the U.S. market. Also long copper, copper phosphate and if you're the sentimental type, get an azurite crystal.

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Avax bros are getting pretty based dabbing on the FTM troons and I see pee. I propose a Hashchad Avax bro alliance

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First of all, HEIL HITLER everybody! Welcome to 4channel, your new home.

Things are a bit different here, but you'll get used to it quickly. Most of all, NIGGERS are NOT welcome on here. If you are black, we kindly ask you to go back to Africa.

And yes, we ARE extremely racist on here. None of this is just a joke.

Enjoy your stay!

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I am not "pretending, I am a nazi.
And yes, that means I am extremely, ridiculously, even cartoonish racist.

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Nice fud nigger not selling

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June 29th

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Ticker - PEPE

(Sorry jannies i had to unban myself, keep up the hard work though)

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Come on in and get comfortable. There's news I'm ready to share once everyone arrives.

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