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WHAT SHOULD I BUY DURING THIS DIP? Only on coinbase pro, don't want the hassle of uniswap.

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The parallels don't end there.
>Rampant degeneracy with trannies and gays
>New methods of warfare potentially disrupting existing norms (machine guns and trenches vs cyberwarfare)
>Inflation at all time high
>Populist candidates picking up steam and being suppressed after failed "coup" attempt (Reichstag fire, Capitol storming)
Shit is fucked

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Bought at 400. Sold at 210 After reading this subboard for the last 3 hours nonstop, coming from reddit, i realize reddit is just an echo chamber. Melvin already covered most of their shorts and can just play this out forever. Why did u think I can win against the establishment and their nerd analysts.. I just lost half my net worth. Fuck you incels for all these gme threads so much I should have never listened.
Now with covid I lost my job and I have to doordash for another 5 months to make my money back. Fml

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