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It’s coming, isn’t it :^|

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it's LITERALLY DUMPING right now

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not accumulating, VCs got at $0.022 (after toll fee reduction) and still over 14x, already 40% VCs dumped, and others will also keep dumping within days

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Whay would have been the best period in history to live in?

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Wtf anons, sorry to bring doom & gloom but while we're on this topic of meaning of life, take a look outside at the world our ancestors have created. WE ARE FUCKED just look at the damage plastic alone is doing to nature ie the basic necessities of life - food & water. Everything is organic, and follows the same pattern - birth, growth, maturity, decline, death. Even stars follow this pattern, so it's hardly unusual that societies & civilisations shouldn't either. Every civilisation that has ever existed has ended - that is, collapsed & died. Ours is no different and will at some point end. The head fuck for us is that we could potentially witness it.

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The problem with bitcoin is that, by design, validating transactions and “mining” new currency use enormous amounts of energy pumped into supercomputing centres to solve very difficult but totally meaningless maths problems. Currently the maintenance of bitcoin worldwide has a bigger carbon footprint than the whole of Switzerland. As presently constituted, it thus has a hard thermodynamic limit to its usefulness, as well as being a significant contributor to global warming.

To successful gamblers, bitcoin has been a gravy train; to many others, it is looking more and more like a spectacular misallocation of global resources.

>Prove this wrong. Protip: you can't

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This. Sorry but mainnet will be the biggest anticlimax in this history of crypto, the price will most likely pump by about 10c or so just before, and the dump HARD on release. Don't expect anything more than 1€-1.5€ that for at least 2-3 years, since the token value is derived dokey from usage of the network. Chainlink is a long term hold, which means all the bagholding retards here have still got a loong wait ahead of them. It's going to be hilarious watching them all go slowly insane from having to bag hold for so long.

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>all share exist as ERC-20 token
>secondary market trading of token not prohibited
>team owning 70% share token

100% chance getting dumped on

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