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No and there is a mistake to this even some pro analysts showing up on the biz news are, maybe or maybe no sincerely*, making. There is a key difference between event based recession, which this is, and systemic collapse recession, like 2008 and some other notable historic recessions were. Some people are smearing that line and bundling them together like they're the same. Concluding they have the same outcome. That is incorrect. Corona chan ripped the bandaid off hard but the system hasn't, and I don't think will, collapse as thoroughly as it has in the past from systemic collapse recessions. In fact, much to the bears' frustration it may very well kick the 2008 can even further down the road.

With corona chan market I expect a slow but volatile rise that will only gain strength as the balance of news turns to majority positive when the recovery stage is in full swing. This is as opposed to an '08 style where things were slow bleed until reality it and THEN the panic selling began. Corona crash selling has been all upfront and right away with the rapid initial drop that almost hit 1987 level of severity and speed. Now you're going to get a situation where blue chip companies are too cheap to pass up for longs despite waves of bad news washing over everything. Underlying assumption of the market, I think, is recovery period should be full steam ahead by fall at the latest.

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If you buy any stocks or shitcoins now you're just buying what the actual rich people are flushing for damage control. Markets gonna crash and burn, and the dollar is going to be worthless.

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Like i said, things can dip more. Corona chan related selling hasn't even equalled some of the worst chop from 2019 yet. I am concerned about this increase in international infections, extended Chinese factory closures, and the butchers bill coming for spring earnings.

Real deal crash? Meh. 10% trim is certainly in the cards though.

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at least you have a nice round number
if you had some number like 29,832 shares I could never forgive you
fractional shares would be instant death sentence

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Any good earnings next week? Alphabet, Match and some others are on. I think I will stay out though, or maybe just get some cheeky calls on MTCH.

10% and took a break till the 14th
Its great
I bought a few shares and they are red every day. Like a serious -3/4/5% every single day.
Even just memeing along this feels bad. I hope the poor chap who invested his whole money into it will be alright.

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