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do i have /smg/ permission to continue to buy shares of TAN, ICLN, and ARKK?

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Plz post the webm frenz

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Heh heh me too

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Was this commissioned with someone’s GME gains?

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People keep saying to buy warrants, but I have no idea what those area. I keep meaning to search them on investopedia and never do.

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Um so I bought 1000 shares of SOS at $3 when someone here shilled it. What do they do?

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Did the guy in the PLTR earnings call just call us hobbits?

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calls i mean

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i used to come on /biz/ back then and literally only ever saw these fucking chainlink cubes. i had no idea wtf crypto was so i just left. missed out on becoming a millionaire.

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Why is it so low? I would think the lgbtq community would adopt it as 'thier' stock but i guess lgbtq are too mentally ill to invest.

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help me in the proper direction for research, where/how can i look for a potential 3x-5x? Starting with a low budget of 3 figures this month

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Hello, one AMD please

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other than sucking dick/renting my butt/onlyfans etc

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What stocks will go up the most over the next few years?

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>Futures green
>VIX also green

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index funds

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i don't want bullion though, i want some cool foreign junk silver.

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wtf is delegating? someone explain this to a boomer.

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Me rn teehee

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So do we sell GME on Friday? Do I sell the day before as as the market closes or should I wait on Friday when it starts falling?
Also what are the risks in holding after that?

t. obvious newfag, please be gentle

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Interested, E3 metals right? It's on the up, 1.90 rn. Expected top?

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I could be your gf (male)

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about 4k
made around 10k profits, cashed out the profits at BTC 40k and I'm back to 4k in crypto currently

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