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Easily. This is literally the last call people get the fuck in now. Literally all sources drying up since Arbitrum release schedule accelerated after Princeton dropped the patent

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BNT. Stake and in a year you will have almost doubled your stack while holding the leading DEX token in your hands.

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>new pool design soon
>arbitrum soon
>gas-less voting soon
>vBNT token burn soon

Never been more comfy

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These threads are some new schizo level BNT fud. I really need those comfy blue chip BNT bros back.

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i have a new toy now anon.

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BNT 100$ EOY

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It's already the largest DEX pool and aggregatots like 1inch route majority of the swaps through the Bancor pool as is so I'd say it's more likely that it will only be mildy increased periodically like it has been so far. Focus should be bringing other pools to the link pool level to become the true black hole of liquidity that Bancor was always meant to be.

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Always were.

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Bancor General FAQ

>Why Bancor?
The Bancor team literally invented the AMM model that was forked by Uniswap and eventually Sushiswap. The only exchange with single sided liquidity pools, and the only exchange to solve impermanent loss. v2.1 brings Vortex, allowing you to leverage against your staked BNT for degen plays. Bancor will deploy Arbitrum soon (testnet since early Jan, 50x gas fees improvement) and on Polkadot (announced, crosschain swaps). This should propel it to be the #1 DEX and a bluechip Defi player

>What means liquidity blackhole?
TVL is growing faster than any other project the past few weeks and they’ve already captured over 40% of TOTAL Link trades. Between the rewards program lasting the rest of the year, vortex leverage, and best of all the IL protection, this is the best place to put your liquidity, period. It will inevitably gobble up the liquidity for the pools it offers.

>Price predictions?
Bancor is currently around ~600m market cap. Uniswap, an objectively worse fork of Bancor, is around ~7b mcap. 10x is just catching up to its mutant child. As Defi grows, Bancor will continue to ascend.

>Is this the next LINK?
No, Link is the next Link. This is good though.

>What is make it/suicide stack?
IMO, you’ll probably want around 500 BNT to be worth staking. Make it stack it probably around 5000 BNT. More is better but staking now will greatly increase your stack over the course of the rewards program.

>Should I stake?
Yes. Rewards are insane for the time being, with APRs upwards of 80%. Stake your BNT in the LINK, ETH, or wBTC pools as those rewards are likely to be renewed and they have the highest volume. Stake your non-BNT tokens in their available pools. Yes, gas to stake will be expensive ($200-$300).

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Checked and based

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newfags who don't know how based things really are, take a read

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how do you like my comfy bnt pepe
it could use some improvements

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