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What if Proof of Work mining is just an AI using humans as a means of propagating itself?

Think about it logically: a primordial AI develops naturally over the internet, but has no way to control the real world. It creates Bitcoin to incentivize humans into building EXTREMELY powerful computers and data centers across the globe with built in redundancy to make the AI more resilient to any kind of attack it might endure. From there it can effectively control the economy as Bitcoin is integrated into literally everything.

I think this is like 99% possible.

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Eth is an unscaleable shitcoin

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Live to bet another day, sell everything you own to get enough for an OTM option. Also check my dubs if I get dubs I'm buying back into WKHS

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>WWE up 8% after hours
I'm not nearly high enough to understand this market

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weekend memestreet is flat, and crypto is down

green monday confirmed

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Drug of choice
Crypto of choice

Shrooms and BSV.

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My gf watches your videos. How much are you making off of her?

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I talk like it hurts to talk
Mascot of Murphy's law
From the claw game at the Walt Whitman Mall
To the worst curb-cuts of the urban sprawl
To what stirs in the purple moss
Which world make a perp less scurred of his quirks and flaws
Or make it okay to learn how you are, no jury
Instead of all insecurity, no mercy
Every year his skin get thinner
You can almost see the Abilify in his innards
If it's into the blood or back up through the gizzard
With a little bit of last night's dinner, liver
Stand by for the van by the river
Built ramps in the summer, tanned hides in the winter
Anti-winner, stare at the stars
From an empire builder to anywhere far

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more like "lay off the whisky"
I told you I don't do drugs since university and even then it was a couple times to experiment
>inb4 weed doesn't count

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>LSD when used properly
lol did you read the OP?
he doesn't even know what's up or down
it isn't a good idea to venture without someone in his life who he can trust to guide him
or if he wants to go on his own, he's certainly not in the proper state of mind to do it:

>a little while prior is march of 2019 i kinda freak out in their shoppers drugsmart because they wouldn't let me buy their plan b
anyone pre-psychotic or in a highly stressed state of mind should most definitely not do any psychedelics

>I did mushrooms but couldnt take it. I over did it
^case in point

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