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>Has been posting this exact image with that exact name since May
>Exclusively in GME threads, literally not a single post outside of them contains this image under this name
>Not even on other boards
Very interesting.
Anyone care to check some of the other images these retards post to see if they pop up organically anywhere else?

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Well anon, maybe that's a sign of something?
I wonder what it could be a sign of.

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I thought that this was legit for a second but these very obvious shills are kinda dissuading me now. You almost had me, but the twitter link and the very obvious yet subtle giveaway (not that giveaway) tipped even me off and I'm a total newfag in crypto. Anons, pay attention.

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You know, I was thinking of the rising rate risk in terms of a stock market crash, but reading >>29340855 I'm now wondering if the real thing to be worried about is the gov interest payments. Like, congress might not authorize the fed to do more just because of an 80% stock market dip because muh "stocks disproportionately benefit the rich", but they'll definitely greenlight Jpow to step it up if the alternative is the default of the US (only the wokest of woke would think default in nominal terms to be a good idea).

WWII yield curve control was kind of an unusual situation because buying war bonds was presented by the gov as patriotic, and I think it's reasonable to think many at that time would have thought of it that way despite the poor inflation-adjusted returns. With nobody particularly liking the US gov right now, it's hard to believe they'd be able to drum up artificial/idealistic demand for treasuries, which means this will be pure desperation printing. Worst case, take the amount of debt the US gov owes right now - that's the amount of new USD that could enter the money supply overnight.

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I understand if you trade crypto on the basis of the greater fool theory™, that makes sense.
What really confuses me is the people who believe crypto will actually be used as a real currency instead of just being tulips for speculation.

Nobody buys anything directly with crypto that isn't
>illegal narcotics
>niche privacy services in the internet
>tip jar for geeks
The transfers are slow as shit, you consume the electricity of a nation state and the volatility makes it unsuitable for even a medium sized business. The only crypto that makes sense to me is Monero and other privacy coins, because they are useful for the real world use cases of crypto.
>magic smart contracts lmao
No one gives a shit, the only uses I've seen is making more shitcoins and loosing millions of coins to bad code.

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I am currently watching this one. Im too hesitant to pull the trigger. Might send an offer soon. There is too much I want to buy.


Anons is this a good deal? Assuming I make an offer and its accepted.

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All of this is going to be a big nothingburger come next week.
/biz/ had a massive fit not too long ago when corona started getting big and that turned out to be a massive over-reaction.
I'm yet to be actually convinced that stock trading and whatever else this shit is called isn't just an autistic and overly complex hobby or an overblown game of Monopoly.

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My LINKY senses tell me 10k GRT is the new suicide stack, but always stack LINK first.

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Actually, I don't think you're a real chink. Chinks have an IQ above 80. I think you're that dumb nigger that makes up new LARPs every time he wants to shill something, and you're just LARPing as a chink this time.

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>least intelligent poster is a bear

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Look I don’t know if RLC will ever have it’s day, but GRT is the next Chainlink.

Notice how it never got in a pissing contest with LINK because it’s vaporware promises are actually delivered by LINK, rather it has an actual use case that is complimentary to LINK.

Basically I can’t fully trust a project that randomly tried to FUD LINK and claim it also is an oracle out of the blue, even though theoretically it’s main usecase is valuable (if it ever actually works).

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>doesn't want to use margin or options because they're too risky
>get shot by a nigger over a PS5 instead

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Seeing all these post 2010 fags. Makes sense why the boards are so retarded.

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>space stock
>can't get to orbit
>literally called VIRGIN galactic

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yes, what about it? I was averaging in but that slut Cathie had to bump up the cost

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>Almost 40% of American adults wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency
>Country is 60% white

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Almost like some sort of oracle that provides definitive truth might be needed. Now where can we get one of those?

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ive known more people who've had someone die from fentanyl than some who had died form kiddie porn

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Didn’t uhnwi say there would be some initial exuberance followed by a dump to shake out the weak hands?

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this is why you don’t fomo buy. it went from
>trip 0 to 14c
>14c to 1c
>stayed there for 2 months, everyone crying
>suddenly shot up to 43c
>now back down for a while
just wait for the next breakout retards, can you not see the obvious pattern? you won’t, so by all means sell low now and then rebuy the way up again lmao

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Probably this, actually.

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why is this fudder spending so much time (money) on his fuds?

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