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101 NIO shares reporting for duty.

NIO and JNUG were my only 2 greens today desu.

This thing is going to moon again tomorrow.

The target price is in the 30s. The volume today has been insane.

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>But I've slept with 19 women.

You're like a little baby lol

Last time I counted a few years ago, I was at 54 women. Not fat, not ugly, nothingbut asian and white women. If you're banging black chicks you might as well be banging dudes desu

Never understood why guys had issues getting a piece of ass.

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>I hate coffee

How do you even live? Coffee is the reason I'm able to do everything instead of laying around

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I bought SMICY last week, that feels Bretty good. Wish I’d bought more though.

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Just a twitter lip service image from NintendoUSA. The same thing most companies are doing.

Remember when there was a social media trend for changing your avatar to a cartoon character to promote awareness of child abuse? This is basically that.

I see!
I have to watch tank girls and pandies, and maybe finish that big tiddie demon lord anime, and maybe watch the OVA’s for that kabaneri of the iron fortress thing.

And maybe check out the recent seasonals? Tower of god? Or that Franxx shit and kaguya shit?

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>Then, we might finally see an end to the delusion of the two party system.
Based but doubtful.

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