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Do you understand the concept of being friendly and a respectable business?

God damn dude, the only reason I was ever angry with you was because you literally made a weird comment in the last thread attacking me and supporting the anon who hadn't posted any metals at all.

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>you'd stock food/water/guns/ammo/tools/etc if you were preparing for a real collapse
Why not both, retard?

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rich people are subhuman pathological liars who will tell you they work 120 hrs/week just to make you grind that hamster wheel harder
Stop believing these niggers.

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>Wow maybe i should by shiny rocks instead
1. Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years. Learn history.
2. Central Banks are buying gold, not Bitcoin or any other digital currencies.
3. If Bitcoin was an actual threat to the dollar or any market for that matter then the government would have already taken drastic action against it.

False equivalency. Bitcoin/crypto isn't Microsoft Excel, or Mozilla Firefox, or anything else with real utility.
It's a shitty payment network and speculative gamble that only survives by throwing vast computing resources at solving arbitrary math problems that nobody needed to be solved in the first place.

Buying and holding crypto is in fact the brainlet move.
You think you're clever and getting ahead of something but the CIA created Bitcoin so you would literally own nothing and be happy.

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