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I held LINK 2+ years, so far I’m being reward quite well. I have to say my patience has paid off. However, I never had the chance to get in early as I have with STA. But sure enough I am confident this is solid project that with a little bit of faith, will reward me once again. I might just make it.

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You sure about that? We’ve already hit 40M once.

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1. That is incorrect. It can happen with bots alone. You are not required for the pool.
2. People have bought it.

Once the process has been started, it cannot be stopped. If nothing had ever happened then you would have a better case for this being a slow starter.

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It's an index fund with 100% yearly APY.
It's a stock portfolio which pays 100% yearly dividends.

If they don't understand that, they are probably aren't willing investors in the first place.

GangSTA here, you're gonna make it fren

Wait for the pump then pool in phoenix. Liquidate when it bottoms out, buy more STA. Rinse and repeat.

Or just hodl for 5 years.

The fact that they plan to add pools with gold/fiat etc. could mean that this is adopted on a very large scale, causing it to break $1000 a token.

Some of the biggest index funds deal with $200B+, there is $10 trillion invested into index funds worldwide. As STA begins to show it's worth in creating more arbitrage opportunities and when it can be leveraged against something other than other cryptocurrencies, then we will see a moon like never before.


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(You) thought wrong.

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Uh-huh, tell me more sweetie, let it all out.

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Why does this coin trigger /biz/ so much?

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If you bought this morning you made like 15% today, congrats fren

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So we have been crabbing for a while now after quite a big pump some time ago.

Anyways, I

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Hope you get to your target. If anyone's going to make it with STA, it's going to be you.

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Back to plebbit, fren.

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