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Did this idiot just destroy the economy? Should I sell literally everything I have now.

I know he's gonna print more money. What's he gonna do when people haven't had an income for a month? Tell them to just ask for the food nicely or take it? People *will* loot for food.

Should I just buy shit with my savings? I know the dollar is gonna lose tremendous value cause he's gonna have to money printer go brrrr.

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Early thirty boomer here. Imo travelling is awesome BUT the feeling of euphoria vanishes after a few weeks once back home. Also if u guys wanted to fuck bitches in your 20's you had to PUA. Not be yourself and all that horse shit. Regards lifestyle i suggest everyone to get into meditation /buddhism/hinduism/crowley Just get to know basic principles

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Old money here and irl businessman

Why do you retards keep investing in this collapsed ponzi called cryptocurrencies? Even mid-2017 was too late to make it

Delusional hope maybe?

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