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>Tell me what the preacher preach about
>Tell me what the teacher teach about
>I'ma go find me a better route
>That bullshit and cap you can leave it out
>They talking but ain't tryna hear me out
>Won't open the door, tryna leave me out
>I'ma pull up and just empty out
>Come through, just make sure you clear me out

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>Market makers are just forcibly liquidating shorts to get retail confidence which then pulls the other way, liquidating longs to hit a lower low
Okay,i get the first part but what's the second part about?Don't they want for retail to stay?Look how dried up the crypto market has been these last few months,do they really want that?Isn't it better to cast an illusion for longer kicking off a new bull instead of pulling the rug quickly?

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gave my realty income position a haircut, sold my stor, and diversified the capital into various other high dividend reits that after 20 years of compounding should grow enough to cover the cost of this 4090 i'm about to buy next month

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Fuck you,I have loads of shitcoins, all in small amounts there.How else am i going to manage that other than putting them all in one place?I only keep
BTC and ETH in their respective wallets cause i have a non retarded amount of it

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I have a finance tip/lifehack for you friends (free of charge)
>be horny
>plan on fucking an escort
>masturbate instead
>save $XXX+
I hope this helps you as it has helped me
Good day

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I wanted to start a restaurant with a whorehouse above it and a gun shop/ shooting range in the basement, but my faggot city council said no. So fuck them.

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>12-15 times per day

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I don't know about her grip, but you can tell just by looking at her that her hairy asshole has been completely blown the fuck out. She probably shits herself a little on a daily basis just walking around. Her underwear constantly has skidmarks in it.

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>three HR bots welcome anon into the room
>anon takes a seat
>so .. anon, tell my what made you want to apply for this position in this company?
>come on guys, there are a lot more important things to discuss than my job position.
>oh? like what?
>we have to end apartheid for one
>slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism, and world hunger.

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Y-you are staking Rubic, right anon?

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Can you buy ibonds as a foreigner?

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ill trade you 50 XRP for this said pepe
but first i want proof

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BTC inflation will keep going down, eth will flip btc and in 2025 BTC will flip eth again.

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What's the escape plan once normies start to execute ethereum holders?

Should we move to el salvador?

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Somebody check. I'm too lazy and don't really care.

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That's OK little buddy. You were never going to amount to anything anyway. No matter how many summers you wasted.

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>t. Professional truck stop cocksucker
Sorry I offended you by insulting your homosexual crush.

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For the anons that have their zerps on Nexo. I would highly recommend to get it off nexo and store it on a hardware wallet or XUMM. Otherwise you’re going to be a victim of a Celsius 2.0

WAGMI and good luck to those that heed this warning

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This is an abomination. And her toes are stumpy. I rate this picture -10/10. You should feel bad for posting it.

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All of us. Unironically.

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Just know the future next time and sell at the highest point then buy at the lowest point.

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/biz/ is not a racist board. I personally report every racist thread and reply and the jannies dutifully clean it up. This is a wholesome family investing board

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Nah. The last time I listened to a hypebeast I got stuck holding bags. I'll wait. I'm just wondering why it randomly broke out from the Bitcoin mirror. I'm not seeing any news or tweets

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