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this anon gets it

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I don't come into your thread and slap the dick out of your mouth. So why would you say these hurtful things?

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Lmao fuck. Now I feel retarded.
Here have a webm to atone for my newfaggotry

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Like this?

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I looked through my random image folder but didnt find it sorry anon, im too high and folder too big, but i found this gif kek.
Also the painting is the mona lisa and one of the women infront is blythe "mommy" masters

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Been there done that, I regret it, but the virgin puss would have probably cost me more in the prostitution market.

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ooooo talk dirty to me oooooooo

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whiter than you pajeeta

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Looks like Biz is gonna get left behind AGAIN!!! China coming back in January, NEO 3.0 coming in April and going to blow away Ethereums technology, Vitalik got lazy and everyone knows it. Welp its been fun, enjoy buying my bags at $400.

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How high will NEO go and why does Biz always miss out on antshares?

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Imagine being mad that NEO is succeeding while other shitcoins continue to die off. Imagine the impotent rage when the DRMB goes live in November and a Chinese state exchange opens up next year just as 3.0 rolls out. JUST FUCKING IMAGINE THE PURE HATRED THAT NEO EVEN FUCKING EXISTS AND IS ENOUGH FOR THESE redacted TO KILL THEMSELVES FOR MISSING NEO AGAAAAAAAAAAAIN.

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LoL, :rocket_emoji:
What a gay boy.... no homo

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