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Be patient bobro. Let ALL the mumus walk into the killbox. Then we strike.

$10k is programmed. I guarantee we get it.

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$10k is literally programmed. There will be a few wicks below so I've got buy orders set at $10k, $9.5k, and $8.9k

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The absolute state of mumu cope.

Just let it drop. $10k is literally programmed.

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How low do we go is the only question. It seems like a long squeeze is coming...this may be our wick down to $8.5k.

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$10k is literally programmed into the blockchain. Enjoy the ride.

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I think we will get to $10k and probably wick to $6500 or so...I doubt we will go as low as $1000, but it's possible.
Things are bad out there, no matter what the Jewish Media and our traitorous government tell us.

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When will you linkies learn lol

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