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Come on Colombia elect the ugly old fuck, I need EC to spike

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I'd say with a total of 3k€ you should be able to secure all the required stuff to survive (and comparatively to others, thrive) for at least half a year once SHTF.
And it's stuff you'll eventually use anyway (beside the gun), so it's not like it's wasted money. About the drugs, it's important to remind you to NOT bin them once they reach expiration date. Those dates are fake news to push consoomers to buy again stuff who's still perfectly functional, and for insurances to cover their asses. A recent study demonstrated than most big pharma molecules are still 95 to 100% efficient 20 years post expiration date. At least if they meet 2 criteria :
- kept in their sealed package
- in solid state (pills)
Just bin the liquid stuff like syrups.
And if the supply chain break down, with our population of ageing, dysgenic hypocondriachs, big pharma drugs will be like fucking gold!
It's the kind of stuff you can't bake at home, no matter how gifted one is.

Personally i loaded up on common drugs so at the very minimum i can help my relatives who'll need them, and at best i'll price gouge to death suffering boomers who will pay me big bux to stop their stomach aches and painful articulations' inflammations.
Fuck them :)

Oh and lastly, convert any extra cash you might have in gold & silver. Everything is about energy, and nothing consoom more energy than mining precious metals. If oil and gas continue to rise, it will benefit metals always more. When i look at my PMs' stack, i don't see shiny rocks, i see hundreds of galons of diesel transformed into a tiny, eternal ingot.
Cheap silver was only allowed thanks to cheap oil. Now the days of cheap oil are over (at least for some time), silver will soon follow. There is always a lag corresponding to the already mined stock, but it rarely last very long.
Look at both the crude WTI and silver charts over 20Y. They are literal clones with a 6 months delay.

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>bought 100 SOXS for the semimeme bear run

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only based poster here

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I will buy the dip
and I will like it

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Indices are not comfy anymore

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>Thread Theme
Dangerously based

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Mhm mhm

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Thanks fren. I spent a lot of time on ebay, betting and lowballing on everything. I'll give you a protip : all these deals got their auctions ending up either very early in the morning or very late in the night. This way you don't have hordes of boomers awake betting over you at the last minute and ending up at 'normal' price (ie $30+/oz).
Also no one speak english nor knows what reddit or even the coomex is in my backwater shithole, which is a huge advantage since it delayed a lot the hype around silver, at least on ebay, because LCS are scalping us even harder than over you in the US (cheapest i can find is $33/oz here, and we are VAT free on silver), and that's if you are lucky and they aren't completely sold out yet.

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50x eoy is guaranteed IMO, I think people are going to compound their stake in the VSP pool which will quickly dry up the supply.
This is not financial advice, but I think anyone waiting for a major dip will be disappointed.

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They are fighting to hold the last weekly on S&P, about time they tested something lower though. I want to see lower but you know.. the fed and stuff

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Thanks anon, needed this after getting rugged by umx

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Jokes aside
>Antisemitism in reddit
Lmao nice try
>We begin closing
And did you finish you sneaky bastard?

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Farmed 2 million of them early days and dumped, never imagined these boomers would pull it off. Congrats Frens

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I'm an XMR stacker, I confess.
I do it for the keks

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My best friend is a dog, I swapped an old motorbike for him 1 year ago. Best decision I made after getting divorce raped.

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VGAC looks like it might take off when 23&Me goes public. I wouldn't put the whole 10k in though....

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Hey faggots what’s the best broker for Forex and stocks? I have Fidelity but there’s no XAU pairs

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holy shit, checked

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Did you buy SNDL yesterday like I told you to, or are you all still holding fucking bags again?

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I don't care if you retards hold GME or not, but consider getting into SNDL.
Its should be 3.50-4 by tomorrow afternoon.
2.65 is the new bottom.

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>tfw can buy Reef via BSC and not pay the kike ETH gas chamber fee

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I never sold blue cubes.
What makes you think I'm selling my green cubes?

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>opening bell dip
I'm not fucking selling.

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