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I want to work at a firm like this bros

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>the employees allegedly volunteered\
I would too

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Thicc Japanese pawa-hara OLs

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>be paper pusher at a nip company
>turn report in on time
>boss says it's late
>she calls the other bosses in
uh oh

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Anybody here work with female coworkers or supervisors? How was your day?

>wageslave in what is likely a chinese shell company
>floor supervisor is female, known to be "strict but effective"
>today she comes in yelling at someone on the phone, slams her office door and continues screaming at them
>everyone working in silence, she comes out to tell me to finish my report by CoB
>skip lunch to finish early, still end up staying late but get it to her on time
>she wants me to sit down and read it to her, but its at least 10 pages of ass-kissing jargon before the technicals, tell her I'll give her the skinny instead
>welp there goes my job
>explain that "the skinny" just means "the details", get slapped hard mid-sentence
>don't know how to respond, but the way she's staring at me fills me with fear, anger, shame, arousal, and confusion all at once
>tell her I'm sorry and I don't know what to do here, she yells at me to GTFO her office
>start packing up my desk, she calls me in a few minutes later acting like nothing happened
>casually mentions "bonuses and promotions" for "loyal team players" who "embody company values"
>read her the numbers off the report and go home
>just got done shamefully fapping
>don't know if I have a job tomorrow

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