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t. gme baggie
i swear these threads are just bored baggies. i bet you all the """""""shills"""""""" are also bored baggies fudding their own bags to convince other baggies to hold with them. gme is going to bleed very, very slowly and will eventually go bankrupt. nobody here gives a shit about your gay little reddit stock

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Bros.. we're getting rugged upwards

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Why do memecoin developers in 99% of cases sell for a quick 200k - 500k gain when they could just wait and get 20m - 50m later?

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When it comes to staking

Isn't it better to not stake....and just wait for everyone else to stake, so then when the price ends up going up due to all the locked tokens of people who staked not being able to be sold.... then you can finally sell for a really high price while the people who allowed the price to go so high (the stakers) end up not being able to sell

So basically staking benefits those who dont stake and the expense of those who do stake...

So if you want to maximize your sell price, you would shill hard for people who own the same token as you to stake it, so then you can benefit from the price increasing since they cant sell anymore?

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So I've made a decent amount in crypto, and Im thinking about doing something fun with some of my gains.

Ive been going to a local gym for the last 15+ years. I know the guy who owns the warehouse/property where the gym is at, and I know the gym owner. The gym owner owns all the gym equipment, but he rents from the landlord who owns the place. Its basically the best gym in my state, its a really big gym, it has that old-school feel, it has lots of the really good old equipment + modern equipment, so best of both worlds.

I know gyms aren't really profitable, but the gym owner is making enough in order to pay rent to the landlord and make money for himself, so it cant be THAT bad.

For some reason as a kid I always wanted to own the gym that I trained at, and Im thinking, what if i offered to buy the property, and the gym business and just owned it all. Since id own the warehouse too, Id have no rent to pay for the gym, the only expenses would be electricity and property taxes on the commercial real estate. But since Id own the property id be saving like 10k/month in the rent, so thats 10k/month the gym memberships bring that would just go straight into my pocket instead of to paying rent.

What do you think? ... or do you think I am complicating shit and that Im better off just keeping it all in crypto?

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What the fuck is happening

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Lets say a project was "rugged"

But then the project rallied and went up a few hundred % again and is crabbing where the first batch of buyers bought in

Is it more likely to go collapse again, or keep going up from there? probability wise

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have 171million APU, what am I in for?

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and if it never reaches my price target?

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VKTX literally cured obesity

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hmm, what happened after October 2007 though

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I would like to inform everyone that ZM and BYND are down and those are my biggest bottom signals.

I might take a massive dump. Buy puts on me, 0DTE.

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I've been on biz for 6 years and I just realised you can just hide the two stickied posts.

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>women immediately think about spending other people's money/investments as if it were their own
Is that why women in my cunt are the overwhelming supporters of the Socialist party in my cunt?
>a woman who is a gossip or a busybody.
That's a new word... Thanks for the English lesson fren!

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why the FUCK is link mooning?

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I think I've found something on the blockchain and you're not going to like what it is

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whas that

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Apu Apujasta

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>bossman calls you up at 3:00am after a 12 hour shift because something went wrong with a machine
>takes another 6 hours to fix it
>go home and sleep all day
>now can't sleep at night
>but it's fine because at 3:00am something else goes wrong and you have to be on site again
>all for the hefty sum of 45k per year

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What are the best ways to scam companies and corporations? I already know the empty package trick but I need to get on a better grind

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>Gloryholes in the street
Very cheap to make, just a hole in the wall. Can have pictures of the girls above the hole and a slot for the money. Don't even need to employ girls could use men or trained animals and the customers wouldn't notice the difference. You could grab a quick blowjob on the commute to work. Only works in countries where prostitution is legal I guess.

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explain me why link is mooning

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