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Looks interesting but what percent of these turn out profitable?

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Don’t care

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>Fortes fortuna iuvat
But of course.

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There are too many bagholders for bitcoin that every future pump will be immediately sold off

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I'm the only real person here, all of you bots only exist to taunt me.

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3x leveraged short on canadian REITs now until mid september, 2x leveraged long oil from mid september until you need to exit.

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No, you help keeping markets efficient by betting against things that you consider mispriced to the upside. Thank you for your service.

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Jews really get off on Fucking over Germany. I hope there is a god.

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Pretty much when you look at history fist is inherently inflationary, because the only thing it is back by is fractional reserve banking and debt, so you can inflate the money supply exponentially, whereas with precious metals such as gold/silver or industrial metals such as copper/platinum/palladium it has a cap of how much can be pulled out of the ground and how much is diverted to applicable uses such as industry, jewelry, etc before it can be minted into coinage/bullion, they have an inherent case-use basis while fiat is essentially an IOU from the FED

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What’s the point of force projection if you can’t use it?

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So many ways to short the market
Calls on SQQQ?
Poor mans covered calls on SQQQ?
Selling put credit spreads on SQQQ?

Hmmmmmmmm.......... Which one should I choose

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Why doesn't vertical scaling work? Also, will Bitcoin fail once mining incentives run out? Where is my smart sister at?

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How the fuck do I short vix?
I know it's not simple so I just take advatnage of high vol and sell call credit spreads
I know it's dumb to sell calls after a dip but I feel as long as I date them longer into mid aug I'll still be directional right and tax advantage of vix a bit

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Does anyone have that old post (couple years) talking about how the elites were going to crash the entire financial system and that eventually everyone will be forced to flee into Bitcoin?
Anyone have that post?

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I bet all my money on industrials
the line went down quite a bit
in bed i dreamt a future most magisterial
but when i woke my portfolio looked like shit

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ATM DBC Jan 20 2023 calls are only $265 a piece
>DBC up 44% YTD
>only need 10% to break even
>even if DBC goes up 30% by expiration you've made over 150% gain
I loaded up on some more of these at close yesterday
Why the fuck aren't you buying commodity ETF calls during peak inflation? Even when hikes are announced it takes months for them to actually kick in

Don't tell me your still bag holding soxl...

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>entire fucking market red
>SPX somehow pumps up 10 points

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there are people on this board right now that think it's a good idea to sell public ledger space below 30k

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Here's my brilliant layer one idea

No transaction history, only list of wallets and records of amounts over $0. Now you don't need a record of every transaction ever, just the wallets which would be less because each wallet makes a ton of transactions. So you can make the size of the ledger smaller. Delegates are randomly assigned blocks and randomly assigned parts of the ledger to maintain and it changes and has overlap of some with others. So each delegate only maintains a small section, but has random overlap with each other delegate to ensure they're not cheating.

Go ahead, FUD it. I'll wait. Pro tip: You can't.

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I've made about $500 with Swagbucks over like 3 years. I guess it's something... There's also Inbox Dollar but honesty, swagbucks gave me the most $$ when I was a real big poorfag.

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It is Staking actually .
Its a security mechanism meant to scale up the network in a decentralized way . If anything swift,oracle,google etc already have their existing oracles waiting for staking and ccip to be connected to the chainlink network in order to leverage the tokenomics of chainlink's first mover advantage and already established standart. Staking will give birth to a new generation of hybrid smart contracts.


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>be me
>get hired to senior accounting position
>some old white female boomer is under me in the hierarchy
>mfw they celebrate her 30 year anniversary with the company
Convinced we live in a simulation and some people are npcs that are there to add substance to your experience. How do you never get/take the initiative to get a promotion for 30 years?

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bros should i go with pre-owned bars?

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