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>spends 2 hours on a stock market thread pretending he's ever lifted a weight in his life

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How many of you use M1 or first trade and would you recommend them? If so why?

Any info is appreciated, I heard about robinhood but it sounded like a meme with hidden fees. But some firm rating place listed these two as trade fee free alternatives with supposedly better options with more transparency.

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Is there a reliable source of information for learning about cryptocurrency? For example, I want to learn exactly what the technology behind it is, what each coin is supposed to be useful for, etc. I know I'll probably hear "read t he whitepaper!" but to me that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you can't judge the value of something based off of the promises the company itself makes, that's how brainlets get tricked into buying early access trash from developers who will dump the project 2 months after alpha. Google is of absolutely no help either in current year, you search for something and the first 3 pages are opinion pieces, blogs, or obvious scams.

Investatopia seems to be a good source of information and I've been learning things from there and lurking here on /biz/, but I'm not confident enough in my knowledge yet to start making good moves with my money. I want to escape the wage cages someday, so can you anons point me to decent places to learn about investing?

All I can find are indian blogs and boomers saying anything above a 3-6% annual ROI "isn't realistic".

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DIS is kino

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>Which both increases supply of pussy (or pussy equivalents) and decreases demand. Don't buy in now, the long term outlook is bearish.

Legit, we need to go long on traps and short roastiecoin futures.

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>arrives at office at 10:30 am
>leaves sometime in the early afternoon

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I'm interested in this too. Just started learning about options. Don't want to rek myself, so any information would be mucho appreciated, options senpais.

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Option 1: beat the last Valkyries from God of War (I've beaten 3 out of 7) and swingtrade Quarkchain (currently pumping)
Option 2: meet a milf with huge tits

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Swinglinkers will ALWAYS be UNEQUIVOCALLY btfo
kys op or buy in at a loss
1000 eoy

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Quick rundown? I'd appreciate a brainlet version

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So if link is going to be staked into nodes as a means of pro diving collateral in case of bad behavior from node operators and they get penalized and lose their link, does that mean that link will be a store of value? If it's something that is out up as collateral that should mean its a store of value no? I'm having a hard time understanding this part mostly because I have shit for brains. And why not use btc as collateral in nodes instead of link? Will link also be a store of value like btc? Thank frens

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Computer power used for mining is determined by Bitcoin's value, not the other way around. If Bitcoin went up 10x then miners would invest more resources, if it went down 10x they would downsize and some would end up bankrupt.

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Unfortunately I also know this feel, although it is not my busy period now. Unless you move up, it only gets more soul destroying. I'm fortunate to be doing it in a field I somewhat enjoy otherwise I would probably kms.

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yep im another one of those!

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This homie has smoked his brains out of his skull. I don't know how anyone takes him seriously anymore. This guy literally smokes bath salts and is super based and redpilled but you're not actually taking this seriously right?



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Is there an aggregate list of coins with original codebase?

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I have nothing positive to contribute and I hate you all and you are not my frens.

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I once didn't poop for a week because of a medication, finally woke up in the middle of the night and googled the best way to shit until I bought this at 5 in the morning. You're supposed to drink 1 cup but I drank the whole bottle. Spent all day on the toilet but it was amazing.


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But like I was reading it and like it's for those who only make more than 200,000? or is it ones that make plenty?

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