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I am a zoomer with one credit card, I want to leave my bank im currently at so I want to close all my accounts with them including this line of credit. if I do will that screw up my credit score?

secondly, lets say I close all my accounts but keep my credit account open. how would I pay my credit balances off if I don't have an account with that bank? do I just transfer money every month from another bank to that account? I have no idea how that would work

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>biggest holding
>Myers-Briggs personality type

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Anyone know how to overlay - 1. Total Tether Market Cap, 2. Total BTC Market Cap, 3. Total Crypto Market Cap

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10/10 thread.

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How viable is using Robinhood for the short term for storing BTC? Memes aside let's assume that you're still going to be using FIAT for the next 4 years or so or don't entirely trust many exchanges on the market.

I know Robinhood marks the prices up and down based on a percentage but that aside let's assume that you store your BTC on Robinhood purely for investing purposes, what would the downsides to this be?

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Hello frens. Tell me, how often are stock shills right? I doubt they have others best interest in mind. Yet I have seen a few that turned out to be right.

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I vaguely remember some shitshow about masternodes being a burden and that token is a cash grab and doesn’t serve any puprose.
>supply chain meme

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what am I looking at here?

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ITT we run a wash-trading bot, we've pressed the start button and we've lined the books with our sells and buys. Five days have passed and no one has bought our bags but, we're in profit

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im sorry that you are sorry, fren.

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its that easy. if I open binance with my old laptop and I go in some pair, if my PC is silent, its either flat or dumping, but if my PC starts making sounds of broken disc and harddrive then its a pump. and CELR is about to pump, just because my laptop makes noises

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I unironically bought 100 eth today
how fucked am I?

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Gay scam

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Stock noob here, I'm not going to do the usual hurr duur what buy, but I HAVE been trying to do my own research. After attempting my own P/E calculation on Boeing and comparing it to robinhood's information I seem to either be off somewhere or the information presented on Robinhood is a massive miscalculation or misleading.

The EPS for the last quarter of 2018 was 5.98, and non GAAP adjusted 5.48. This should be a simple matter, I just divide the EPS by the price at the time to get an idea of what the P/E ratio was around that time. Let's use Jan 15th as the supposed timeframe, I don't have enough time right now to look too far into it.

>stock price $350
>EPS $5.48
We get a P/E ratio of 63.86 at the time of the 4th quarter 2018 statement. But yet on Robinhood it displays the P/E ratio at a mere 21.00

Can anyone explain to me what the fuck this means exactly other than my own lack of stock value estimation? Because to me it seems like shenanigans are afoot, the P/E ratio is even higher with the current prices adjusted. I have to go to bed and wagecuck tomorrow so I can't respond tonight but i'll put it on auto and read it tomorrow morning, thank you anons if anyone bothers replying.

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That's good to know, I've been listening to the intelligent investor while wagecucking but it recommends a significant portion of bonds even for the aggressive approach and generally speaking shuns stocks altogether. I understand the reasoning behind it and will follow that policy in the future but for now I think I'll stick to investing in ETFs (such as VUG, VTM, and VGT even split for 80% of my current portfolio), and the other 20% I will use for shorter term practice on purchases.

Even this seems fairly risky but I only have 7k to work with right now and at this point in my life I'm hoping to grow that with a reasonable expected return rather than "lelel i wanna double my money this month xD!". Hopefully this is a good plan, what do you anons think personally?

>2 replies
>all in on chainlink and REFR

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how come cryptos can rise 1000% but can't fall 1000%?

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do you even math, fren?
he tried to swing his whole stack and lost 33% of his capital. e.g. he risked 100% of his capital

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Will do fren

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Well spoken anon

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Re-posting this to the new thread, it was created right as I finished and posted:

Hey anons, I've been playing around with some of my savings trying to get the hang of investing and I need some information on slightly more advanced things.

When you're looking at a potential stock to buy, and you're calculating your risk/reward ratio how far back do you look for the potential reward? Some stocks have small peaks and lows during the week but in the grand scheme of things over the period of a month the price is at a peak despite the weekly movement being at a low. This is to say nothing about the earnings in a year as a whole. Is this something that just depends on how long you want to try to trade a stock, or is there a good general time frame for short-mid term trading?

For example, my first stock I bought a couple days ago (AMD) I purchased a few mostly just to say "hey I bought my first stocks, cool" but also because it seemed to be on a downturn for the week and I figured it might jump back up to it's previous high. Like a complete idiot I didn't DMOR or look further back than a week (I was on break wagecucking). AMD has since dropped $1 and I have decided to put a stop loss at $23. When you anons trade how far back in your opinion is a good range to see if the "dip" is really a dip worth purchasing? I'm currently learning all I can about creating a good risk/reward ratio with your trades, but none of the sources have clearly defined when the "reward" reference point is.

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>spends 2 hours on a stock market thread pretending he's ever lifted a weight in his life

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How many of you use M1 or first trade and would you recommend them? If so why?

Any info is appreciated, I heard about robinhood but it sounded like a meme with hidden fees. But some firm rating place listed these two as trade fee free alternatives with supposedly better options with more transparency.

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Is there a reliable source of information for learning about cryptocurrency? For example, I want to learn exactly what the technology behind it is, what each coin is supposed to be useful for, etc. I know I'll probably hear "read t he whitepaper!" but to me that sounds like a recipe for disaster, you can't judge the value of something based off of the promises the company itself makes, that's how brainlets get tricked into buying early access trash from developers who will dump the project 2 months after alpha. Google is of absolutely no help either in current year, you search for something and the first 3 pages are opinion pieces, blogs, or obvious scams.

Investatopia seems to be a good source of information and I've been learning things from there and lurking here on /biz/, but I'm not confident enough in my knowledge yet to start making good moves with my money. I want to escape the wage cages someday, so can you anons point me to decent places to learn about investing?

All I can find are indian blogs and boomers saying anything above a 3-6% annual ROI "isn't realistic".

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