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You doubted the king?

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>not in the era of steam engines
>not in the era of trains
>not in the era of telegraphs
>not in the era of electricity
>not in the era of mass communication
>not in the era of computing
>not in the era of artificial intelligence

When will brainlets realize they can't cheat entropy, the rules of the universe are here to stay , look at the mess they did in 2008 , they fell for the meme they could do qe insanely due to people using diigtal payments thus not risking a bank run and as a result they created the massive housing bubble , demographic collapse, refugees waves and social conflicts we see today.

Artificial intelligence may "reduce the entropy" , in a place like the markets but export it somewhere else , at some point the entropy of the system will become too big and fail again.

By reducing the entropy in the markets with qe they exported it to demographics by causing bubbles and the demographic collapse exported the entropy to pension systems and now they are collapsing.

Centralization was and will be retarded, only organic solutions work long term.

Look at nasa it became a shithole organization and a new organization with low entropy like spacex took over nearly all the yearly launches due to their low costs and innovation.

This organic cycle btfo all centralized organizations with nearly unlimited funds.

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im tempted to create an erc20 token, give me some ideas about potential features that it would be interesting on a coin aside the fundamental function of it such as deflationary atributes, buybacks and coin burns from dev team and so on...

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It's the logical result of that
>Push negative interest rates
>Economy grows 2%
>Slows down
>Push for more negative interest rates
>Economy grows 2%

Eventually you end up paying plebs with gift cards that expire instead of money kek.

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The everything bubble can't sustain itself anylonger , even with negative interest rates the youth has been so fucked up that they won't be buying shit anytime soon , boomer pensions are going to be fucked too and genx will realize they will never retire.

Meanwhile bitcoin will be having it's third halving next year and game theory forces bitcoin price to rise after such an event.

1_All the miners have a reduction of 100% of their income in bitcoin.
2_Their electric costs remain the same.
3_They now earn 50% less
4_They refuse to sell at this price because they know everyone else doing mining is under the same situation.
5_Price starts to go up due to lack of supply in the market.
6_Eventually price does 50% increase and miners could be in the green again.
7_Speculation starts at what will the top price be.
8_Miners still refuse to sell because it could go up even higher.
9_Miners having different electric costs all have different breakeven price.
10_Price keeps going up as news spawn all over the world.
11_A bubble starts to form
12_Some miners start to sell to pay electricity
13_Bubble becomes insanely big
14_All miners start to sell.
15_Fees become massive
16_Bubble explodes
17_Price collapses 83%.
18_The new bottom where everyone tells bitcoin is dead is literally so big that years before it would have been considered insanely high and that it would never happen.
19_Bitcoin starts to grow again in the next halving.

It's easy to assume that bitcoin will do good but looking at the past we see how good it may do next year.

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This dude knows.

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Good thread op

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unironically undubitably unequivocably this

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Here’s a theory, the Fed is about to cut rates at a time when BTC is about to go through its next halvening. Any investor who can see through the recent drops knows this is a massive accumulation phase. Expect massive fake outs and shake outs all to separate you from your Bitcoin while massive whales eat the krill of this market. 100k might actually happen within the next year or two

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No , it's all up till 2022 now.

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Nice try Satan , i will not sell ever.

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BTC liquidity has been disappearing while volume is stable.



we will pass the ath in a few months probably in two.

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3200 was the bottom 100% sure , after every post halving ath we experienced an 83% collapse in price.

The only reason this fucking dump happened is because the same 20B in capital of bobos entering and exiting through Tether are manipulating the shit daytrading.

It's the same fucking 20B usd entering and exiting but 9k is consolidated and in the meanwhile the supply of btc in localbitcoins is collapsing fast for some reason.

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I am not sure this time btc whales will be taking profit , for a start numbers will be so absurd that kyc will make it harder to cash out.
Then there is the fact that btc inflation will be bellow fiat currencies and even gold.
And third Trump who is supposed to be the conservative strong currency leader is literally shilling for a weaker dollar while the democrats want to give gibs to everyone.

I think we are at the calm before the storm and btc will sail that storm during the entire 2020s.
Specially when you add into account the boomers retiring , fiat is about to get rekt.

BTC ,BCH and lastly LTC , those 3 will become known by everyone in the 2020s.

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You already lost Bobo , you just don't know it yet.

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You are 100% correct on everything but the space mining meme.

The only reason why PMs are fucked is because even if they protect you against inflation then you have to pay capital taxes and end up losing money.
While crypto can be used as a currency directly or with debit cards or hell next year buying libra and bypassing capital taxes.

PMs have been supressed to keep everyone in the keynsian farm eating the inflation.

BTC will be a rude awakening for everyone outside being fucked as things go to hell and eventually they will not be able to keep up with the muh btc is a ponzi crap when their entire fiat currencies become a clear ponzi to pay pension systems.

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1_Invest in BTC
2_Sell them for zuckbucks in 2021 after making a few millions
3_Have fun for a year.
4_Buy LTC for it's halving with your zuckbucsk
5_Exchange LTC for BTC when ltc halving aproaches
6_Now you are ready for another BTC halving in 2024 to become a multimillionaire.

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