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The team never sells. So even when people freak out and panic sell, they always eventually realize it's not a dump and buy back up.

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Check the website it has all the links

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Checked. 1.00 eow

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Buy mcdc

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>Hello, I am OP. I've been to reddit enough that they've banned me so many times that i am entirely blocked from the platform.
No wonder you were so convinced I was a redditor, you're spending all your time around them.
seethe, etc.

Look at the number of times that you were confused about the state of the coin that you yourself are so "confidently" shilling. Let's count!
That's 20. 20 posts where you either asked an extremely basic question, expressed doubt over the validity of BurgerKingCoin, or demonstrated complete lack of understanding of even basic tokenomics.

>this is the only one im in. i have LINK, ALGO, ETH and a bunch of other ones I have actually vetted. I know this is a risk but I need $$$$ and FUCK PAJEETS SO MUCH.
I think this is your funniest post of all. You clearly haven't "actually vetted" any of these coins because you have zero understanding of how crypto works. Admit you bought into a scam with a fully-unlocked 60% dev wallet. You can just leave this thread and go to sleep. I certainly plan to soon.

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Checked. Buy the dip /biz/

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Wgmi anon

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Mudskin seethes

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