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>seems retarded to me.
agred, but there must be a proper reason behind it
maybe they're looking forward to unifying both wallets so all the resources (i.e. technical support) get concentrated into a single place, otherwise, you'd be dividing the workforce for seemingly no reason other than keeping a relatively outdated website up

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This is actually a great example tho Sergey's pic throws me off a little.
It's edited, right?
lmao the amount of pajeets/shills seething over an unrelated pic (just like in most AVAX threads) it's truly astonishing, get the fuck out of this board no one wants you here faggot,

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>Avalanche NFTs are available to Shopify’s millions of merchants, a trailblazing e-commerce giant that generates $1B+ in total revenue per quarter
>With the app, Shopify merchants with minimal technical knowledge can design and sell Avalanche NFTs with little effort.
why arent they building this on Polygon or Solana or Ethereum? werent they supposed to be the NFT chains?

>“Working with Mastercard gives us the opportunity to bring the benefits of the blockchain to regular consumers,” Wu says.
which means: Mastercard Subnets are in the works

Why isnt Mastercard writing about Polygon and the Piss Computer?
Why arent they writing about Radix, Stakenet and Fantom?
because Avalanche is Superior to the Ghostchains that cant scale or deliver anything of value, they cant compete with Avalanche.

>Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent
Will run Subnets for their millions of Customers which means they will have to STAKE AVAX to do so.
This means MORE AVAX is getting locked up in Staking.
What happens to the Price when there is no supply but high demand? can you figure it out?

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