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>Cum to Monerochan Cunny

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I wanna fuck a Bitcoin.

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I'm scared of the hamster. I keep having nightmares about it.

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are you me? mine did the exact same but in september. went from $10k to $300k with $QNT. was greedy and expected my portfolio to go to a milly. sold after the peak at around $120K and then continued to gamble it all on fantom defi. lost everything and now i'm back at the bottom trying to find the next moonshot. lifes a fucking lesson man.

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im speeding for sneeding

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you guys are arguing with a JDIF bot. It's not human, it will never be human.

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A few months ago I was fondling a Bitcoin and I accidentally dropped it, it fell on a hard surface and the Bitcoin got scratched and dented. I tried selling it a few days ago but none of the buyers I talked to wanted it because it looks bad now. They told me things like "Why should I pay you the full price for that damaged Bitcoin, when I can buy a pristine Bitcoin instead" ??

What should I do... I really want to sell it for the full Bitcoin price.

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Someone portrayed me as a soƴjak today on /biz/. I feel humiliated, exposed and discredited as a result. I'm going to have to stop posting on /biz/ now. Goodbye everyone.

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imagine if a balloon landed on a train and exploded and the train derailed

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>pizza and hard candy

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>he doesn't know about the snowball effect
you'll wake up next week finding out what a shitshow these bankers have been clogging up for years

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we're unironically healing. hold me bros..

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>the boat was full of cunny

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>on Christmas holidays after months without a holiday from my wagecuck job
>have eaten chocolate on the morning of every holiday day so far
>went to gym during day time
>drove around and went for walks
>sleep has become great and easy without work to wake up for and without feeling like I have to maximise evening free time
>went for drive thru coffees
>played vidya guilt free
>still at least 5 days before I start counting down the days until I go back to my job
>at parents' house and enjoying the large space compared to my small flat

Holy shit, I didn't realise how bad corporate cuckoldry was. Everything in life could be solved if I magically got £3 million.

I'll only experience this for a few more weeks before I have to go back...

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why do you hate me what the fuck did I do man

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>tfw holding 0.02% of the supply

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>sitting alone at work, far from my normie coworkers
>ugly and looked down upon, a putrid and disgusting freak
>randomly look at my phone
>email notification
>generic looking email title: "Application update"
>open it
>"Congratulations, you have been successful at interview."
>have job offer for position somewhere else with management responsibilities and a kino pension

I unironically felt nothing; not in a dead inside way, more of a calm way. But I'm feeling the feels now that it's the evening. Normies see me as an ugly pile of shit to be ignored at all costs. Every single step of career success feels like a miracle.

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post moar this will bring some joy while my bags are bleeding

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>complained about having a bad day at work
>girlfriend immediately sees this as a sign of weakness and starts losing her feelings
why are women so cruel and heartless bros

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thanks fren glad you liked it

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