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Burger here, so is this only a happening if you live in the US?

Should I just sell and jump on the XLM/ETH train?

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I only have 50 XRP, am I going to make it bros/have enough to invest in something better?

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Hi, I've been mostly /litfit/ up to now and have never truly considered financial independence through investment/any way of making revenue without human contact highly unlikely. But progressing into adulthood the repulsion I feel towards wage-cucking/city-life has gotten particularly visceral. I'm likely above the meme140-IQ mark and want to know what the first steps are towards this freedom I seek.

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ok thanks for providing answers malady

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Customer came into back of my shop (I'm the business owner) while I was picking my nose. What do?

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How much do I sell a owner operator brick and mortar business that makes 35k profit a year on 90k in sales and has 15k in equipment?

I was thinking of asking 70k but the first couple I talked to said yes and they are more savvy then me. I think I'll still take it but I couldn't find any standard valuation for small businesses.

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I spent all my money on the dip last week.

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it's the only payment option for my VPS now

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>If only these hoes understood dividends
they dont have to
>marry rich (w prenup obviously)
>invest wifes family trust
>compounding divs

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i mean i have no clue who the fuck you are, and well likely never meet
but of course, bud.
youre a good dude, and it seems weve walked similar paths at different points in our lives

weve both been pretty adamant to each other about not making the various mistakes that one another has made. ya dont do that for your enemies, thats for sure

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my potato has autism

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