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I requested a poorfag blue card to see how their system works and I'm still sitting at 'pending', how long does this normally take?

Also, my understanding of how the card works is that I can send ETH to my exchange account, and when I swipe my card somewhere it sells enough ETH to USD to cover the transaction, right? I mostly want to use this as a more direct way to transfer mining earnings into more GPUs.

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"KIKE NIGGER JEWS AGAIN!" Sergey roared stomping into his office decorated to look suspiciously like the Cayman Islands.
"What's the problem this time?" inquired Adelyn looking up from her wet dictionary with a jaded glance.
Rory and Thomas stood over in the corner by the coffee machine. Rory shrugged his shoulders, Thomas rolled his eyes and mouthed "not again" to Rory. Rory, not wanting to get involved in yet another morning 'incident', thought of his wife's son and all they had built together.
"Well..." Sergey began before staring into space for a solid 42 seconds. The others had grown accustomed to this inevitable delay and waited patiently.
"The media, in all their wisdom, cannot see the value of smart contracts; but flippantly share BLM bullcrap". “It’s like a torrent of shit published minute by minute hour by hour!” Rory and Thomas kept their poker faces while Adelyn blew a big bubble of blue HubbaBubba, seemingly immune to the rhetoric, possibly because she was an Asian woman on loan from the Chinese state department.
"And, what's worst," Sergey continued jumping up and down, his fat violently oozing, his chubby arms flailing wide around, "that Microsoft dude is coming today and I'm just not in the mood to talk about "how much I care about BLM"” Sergey fingered the air overemphasizing the quotes and the problem.
"Aww just focus on your oracles sweetie" said Adelyn cooing, "that's what he's come for. Try and stay focused!"
"yeah focused and 1keoy" thought Sergey. Out loud he said with a wink "You're right my little spelling bee, everyone come over here for a group huddle"
Rory and Thomas looked over at each other and sighed in unison and Adelyn complied with a ‘white people walking past you grimace’ expression on her face.
Each put their hands into the center, "One Two Three, We Just Win" they shouted together smiling the Smart Contract mandated smile

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Go get your free crypto first then come back and ask about how to txfr to uniswap.

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you guys can't accept that a bunch of Nazis are literally going to become the 1% off of LINK, can you?

Who's boss are you going to call to cancel when the nazis become financially independent and literally rule over you? kek

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you guys can't accept that a bunch of Nazis are literally going to become the 1% off of LINK, can you?

Who's boss are you going to call and cancel when the nazis become financially independent? kek

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Real anons don't type like spastic lowercase tumblrinas without a sense of irony.

Unironically been browsing this site for close to twelve years and you can spot an imposter by a few things:
>250-300~ eaaaasy profit

Discord trannies plz rope yourselves.

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what Island are we colonizing?


I think top Candidates are
>Cayman Islands
>Puerto Rico
I think Puerto Rico has the best long term potential because we can colonize the east side of the Island and run a tourist business traveling to the rainforest and flamenco.

For non island locations
>Costa Rica
>Coastal Florida (maybe inland and take over the commie venus project)
>Maine/Vermont/New Hampshire for owning a mountain resort with ski lift
>Sedona AZ, take over the culture and make it actually enlightening

my favorite option is puerto Rico. Im white as fuck and can only count in spanish.

Whats the plan? Me and 5 friends have 500k in crypto right now and we expect to have over 1.3 million by the end of the year together.
We are going to design the layout of the homestead complex we are going to build and once that is finished and all priced out, we must find the location.
What do you anons suggest?
We hate government and know all about what Satanic faggots the founding fathers were and we understand that building a self sustainable village is our only chance of freedom.

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I sold shitcoin IOTA and bought 10k GRT at 13c
>basically picrel but for grt instead of link

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That would be sad.
Probably the first.

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I need a dump bros

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while you were busy sucking that kosher cock on /pol/, i was busy scooping up cheap linkies on /biz/

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> How did you get rich anon
Just got lucky I guess haha

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Where the fuck do you think you are?

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forced but good concept, the original was better

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take in the consideration that i can be horribly wrong aswell. try to take advice from both bullish and bearish side, and try to think for yourself.

if you will be locked in a bubble and only visit bullish threads for example, you are missing on a lot of valueable information. even if this information it's interpreted wrongly by the person who is reading, you can have a different take on it.

that's why people here attacked me with bullshit, and went silent real quick. skip the arguments, ad persona. talking about confidence when they are really sweating their asses right now.

when people start to post folios "from 7K to 300K, not selling" it's actually time to fuckin sell.

also when scams on UNISWAP started popping, BAND chink scam went from 19 cents to 18USD, and there were numerous threads about crypto ponzi named by food objects - i switched my bias instantly.

thats how you should play the game IMO, adjust fast and think for yourself. for now, i feel like im only one hearing the music, but i trust the same intuition that got me into crypto in first place.

this shit is 2017 December all over again

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Say whatever you want, but we are becoming millionaires as I write this

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>3.7 btc
>41 eth
>11k link
>a few thousand $ in various dead shitcoins
please tell me I'm gonna make it, lads

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>2500 cryptos
>Guessed and got lucky
go back trannie kike

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>pic related is me when LINK reaches $1000 EOY

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