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The value of all asset will go UP as the market expands with more anons waking up. we are literally at the point where stocks can only go up. diversify and the rising tide will lift all ships

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It's supposed to free you from obligations such as work/employment so that you actually have time to fix your problems. Most people never get that time, so they just spend their whole lives with their brain shut off, in zombie mode living on auto pilot.

If you have money, and it's enough to make you free, then fix your problems. You have no excuse

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We should consider rounding up all of either a certain occupation or the population of India into “fun camps” post MOASS for their anti-semitism

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I have a small bag, more than 40 shares but less than 100. A good chunk of those are longs so capital gains tax won't bite me as hard.

Also, I thought the government had an incentive to close the net quicker to get more tax revenue from retail? Even at a modest tax rate, they could have scraped over 10 million off my gains if the price only made it to 1 million. With most of my shares being long, even with a 20% rate, they're missing out a long of taxes they could have had if they'd shored this up sooner.

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That's a very cartoonish demand but I don't think the concept of no preconditions is the worst. Maybe mandate a piss test but if the objective is to fix homelessness, you want as few barriers as possible to applying for such housing options.

1 bedroom kitchen combo, 1 bath, and maybe a storage/closet space. Something in the realm of 500 or 600 square feet max is more than enough for a person to "live in" and have a little bit of dignity while they're getting back on their feet.
>this will lower home values in the area!
Will it lower them more than having fucking homeless encampments behind the bypass? Unless you want to go the other route and make homelessness illegal so you can throw all the homeless in prison. If you do that though, it's also fairly costly at around 75k if you throw them in a conventional prison.
>So they get to stay in the home forever, without paying any rent or utilities?
Technically yes, but the home will be just big enough for them to subsist on and not be preyed upon by other people. The small size will encourage people to get back on their feet if they can. If they're disabled or mentally ill or otherwise can't work, this will be an option so they don't end up homeless again.
>I don't want my tax dollars going to homeless people
It already does. Also, we just sent 40 billion dollars to Ukraine. For less than 5 million dollars you could put together a small apartment complex that could house up to 20 people. That estimate is for conventional apartments. If you streamline construction and don't add in multiple luxurious amenities you could probably get a place together that houses 40 or 50 people for 5 million depending on local development costs.

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Remember that every bullrun begins with a bear market rally

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I wouldn't be surprised if the swap counter-party was Blackrock or Vanguard, as

1. They aren't exposed to the DTCC blowing up as they're partners, not members
2. They have a shitload of shares I'm sure they've made a decent passive income off loaning out
3. I would bet that from where they sit they've seen MOASS a long way off and are perfectly comfortable taking short-term losses from swaps for long-term unfathomable gains

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Hi, third wolder here
I am going for a bachelor this fall in Canada. I am not sure what to major in yet but I am taking perquisites for cs /math /finanace / computer engineering.
I would say to live very comfortably here you will need 20k per year.
what do ? how should I play my cards to retire as early as possible in my home country ?

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Don't be a retard that sells at even. Always aim higher and hold

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The gas prices are a fix-able problem. It would take them days to weeks to implement a centralized solution like BSC to reduce price. They don't want to do that because it flies in the face of the decentralized financial system they're trying to create.

There are 2 things working for Ethereum long-term.

1. By far the most mature smart contract eco-system. Tons of ERC-20 tokens with real use cases that are solid.
2. Knowledge that moving to PoS and reducing gas fees is an inevitability. It will happen, and that's probably going to be an explosion point for ethereum price.

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Bought a decent stack at .08 because I thought BNB would pump it.

Sold at .14 because I read the source code and it's literally nothing special. It does what it says (minus the cost savings) and is essentially not a valid way to reduce costs for training neural nets.

Crypto doesn't really seem to care about what the underlying tech is though, so maybe it'll continue to moon.

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more graph and algorand especially at these prices

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DeFiat (DFT)

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You know anons, AMC might be worth looking at after the shitshow blows over. They did manage to sell a lot of shares and raise cash.

I wouldn't buy it now though, maybe if it dumps back to 3$. They got so lucky it makes me think if thet created this pump to sell shares

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My conservative estimate would be in around two weeks. I'm not really a good market analyst I'm afraid. At one point before twitter shills made themselves known I thought that today we'd be near 30 cents or so. I didn't expect such a fast recovery

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because charts are just a visual representation of trades that have occurred in the past, someone buys the top and sells the bottom every time *by definition*

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Fuck I forgot one:


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anyone think camgirls, knowing that unaware anons will reverse image search them, are posting on purpose to promote their onlyfans or chaturbates in these economic hard times?

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Why does /pmg/ hate the Fed when they are inflating all asset classes, including precious metals?

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Money can be exchanged for goods and services

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Why didn't the eagles just fly menus all the way to Mordor?

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Coronavirus is just a convenient scapegoat to cover up the 2020 financial crisis

Every country is infected / excused from defaulting on their debts

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