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>inflation still out of control
>everything pumps

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Since when have the peepee poopoo lines meant anything at all?

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call it a 9D schizo based I am 1488 Basedman feeling but I feel that DRSing over 90% or even 100% is literally the only right way

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I think its the google or whomever whatever it is overlord AI algo giving schizos or whomever they deem fit to oversee the new world they are building
this was literally the most logical conclusion

that said I know this isn't my timeline it hasn't been since I died a few times and came back during 2016-2017
I feel it the quantum immortality
this maybe why some of us SEE what no one else that is native to this timeline sees
but its painfully obvious to us the chosen few

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I have a feeling DOCN might short squeeze.
Earnings are on 8/8, cloud has been kicking ass, and the Put/Call ratio is at 12.298.
I don't know where I can find the current float info though.

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Not sure if naan bread or wheat bread
>jk who fucking cares, really, bread drama is stale af

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If you got something that people want and are willing to pay for it, why wouldn't you capitalize on it?

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Today's price is below $29.
Glad I could help.

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How many more times are hedgies able to pump and dump stocks like they did AMTD?

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why I'm obsessed with teaching stuff to girls?

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If anything, HKD is proof that a stock can definitely squeeze to obscene numbers in no time at all, despite what the shills say. This is probably going to end up being one of the greatest pump and dumps of all time. I bet Todd just bought in at $2000.

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The flatlining is really getting intense. Can the price even go outside of 33.XX?

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What the fuck is going on with KOSS and RDBX? Is the meme basket about to fucking explode?

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>pro-EU revolution in Kiev was real, ignore those NATO instructors
>anti-EU revolution in Donbass was fake, just look at those FSB instructors

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I keep having to multiply the stock price by 4 to have a better frame of reference to where things are at. I'm not used to thinking in terms of the new numbers yet.

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Every time Bitcoin crashes, there’s an Altcoin I can short that crashes even more
Is this what bobos do?
It’s much more profitable than shorting BTC’s dip
Why would anyone short the corn when alts are low hanging fruit?

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>had to buy replacement parts
>It wasn't even a part I needed

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This is... I... don't know...

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Wait the last time they said highly elevated it was just slightly elevated, so the market will now price slightly elevated based on this guidance, and if it's not slightly elevated we're tanking on announcement

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>says the street shitter

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What the actually fuck.

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Yep. Only retards don't understand the (((euro))) only was created by the US to serve as buffer to sponge excess USD. The EU failing is simply meaning the buffer is broken, and the contagion with soon spread incontrollably.
But (((they))) knew about it for decades, that's what vassals are for when everything is crumbling down : offer time. And the EU will offer enough time for the US to pull the ultimate scam before abandoning a continent they looted, humiliated, corrupted, tainted and financially raped for the past 80 years.

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My brother and I both moved out of our parents home last year. For context, he's 26 and I'm 28. Since then I've had a career change to a more stable field, but he was unfortunately let go from the police academy he was attending. He told me a month ago he'll be moving back in with my folks to pay off his debt, fix his car, and advance in his previous career (nursing aid). My situation is a bit more fortunate.
>152 shares GME
>Minimal credit card debt
>Vehicle that runs decent enough
The rents for new apartments and studios in NJ are fucking wild because of inflation, and I would need to share a place with 2 or 3 other people just to save for a down payment on a home, or have any savings at all. I ran the situation by my father and he told me that not only was he impressed by my investment position, but that he and my mother are ok with us moving back for at least a year. I think the decision is obvious to take the ego hit of moving back in and do it. What do you bros think??

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