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quick! GRAB IT...
if you don't...well... i shiggy diggy...

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Did I trap myself in a news bubble or does everybody talk about inflation now?

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All i need is one green candle, just one.

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>he's wearing pants right now

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Literally the most obvious thing in the world from a wish perspective.
Not like Bitcoin proof of work is that much better than byzsntine fault. Yes it is, but not by a gigantic margin. The innovation is "merely" 50% vs. 30% security and less communication overhead so it's a tiny bit faster.
In fact something like ARK with 50 validators is probably safer than Bitcoin with it's miner pool centralization.

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>unironically using a kyc gateway located in the same country you live in
>not using atm
>not using localbitcoin
>not using yugoslavian exchange that is probably run by some local mafia

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SLV isn't a paper contract retard it's basically an ETF.

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Sounds like systemic risk that was already "risk accepted".

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Looking to get into daytrading. What amount of cash would be recommended to start with?

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Automobiles were a meme, until they weren't.
Computers were a meme until they weren't.
The internet was a meme until it wasn't. Then it became meme again, but a very profitable one.

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I'm a friendly guy so I'll just tell you to kys you worthless fat faggot nigger. You are nothing to me. If I see you get hit by a car I'll take a pic and walk on while you struggle to take your last few breats. Ok? Ok.
However, you are such a whiny fucking bitch that somebody with more patience than me will see if he can teach you a lesson the usual way and shake whatever meager wealth you have.
So in the grand scheme of things, I'm your friend, see?
So let me tell you, as a friend, to kys.

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Reasons why gold was used as money and a store of value in the past:

1) Very hard to fake, easy to tell what is real gold and what isn't

2) Sturdy, yet malleable enough so it's easy to work with (try making coins out of titanium with tools from a thousand years ago, for example). Doesn't dissolve easily or rust away.

3) limited enough amounts. Not like other rocks, which are much more abundant.

UNLESS you believe that gold is some kind of nutrient that leads to psychic alchemy or some shit, it's just a fucking rock that the world decided would make for a good unit of money/value.

THAT'S IT. THERE ARE NO OTHER REASONS. Gold is not inherently worth more than anything else, it was PICKED by mankind for the reasons I listed.

Guess what? None of those reasons matter anymore in the real world. So as much as crypto is retarded, gold is MORE retarded. Crypto is much better suited for the modern age, as many flaws as it does have (COUGH COUGH CHINK COINS LIKE TRON COUGH)

Furthermore, you prepper retards are even more unbelievably retarded. You think gold will have any value in a post-apocalyptic landscape? The only thing that will have value in that scenario will be food, supplies, and bullets. Gold would do nothing but hold you back by being dead weight

We're advancing towards the future, or we're going to end up in a nuclear fallout type apocalyptic nightmare world, we're never going back to ancient greece like times where people use gold coins, you fucking dumbasses.

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so is RH still down?

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So let me get this straight.
Easy mining led to more supply which caused a bull run?

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>LCI is bad

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lmao this
just be grateful for your boom/bust you fucking clowns

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So while we are holding our heavy bags, how can we make couple hundred of dollars per month? Any other good forums, websites with solid advice in this?

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