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my bags are loaded

excited for this evening's pump

have my beer and my dog

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Quickswap.exchange - an unironic 20X-200X from here.

Quickswap has been growing in liquidity every day, and it just hit $50M. I can't even imagine betting on Binance or other Eth layer dexes on tokens at $1B-$10B caps, instead of betting on the only functioning ethereum layer 2 dex in existence that is growing at 50% every day and is still only at $50M-$60M marketcap.

What are you all doing stop buying $1B marketcap projects during a bullrun and invest in actual tech do you want to make it or not

First we will eat all these yfi and other eth native non-unique dexes with low liquidity, then we will eat uniswap, then we will eat all of binance. This is not a joke.

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