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uniswap already won

>Jews control everything
This is not an exaggeration, either.
Pic related.

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>How is jewish domination going to happen when jews are the pawns of the richest white people on this planet?

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They control not only the banks but everything

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>What is much more likelly than "the kikes are the primary driving force" is that if you are a weathy company owner....

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100% this. Absolutely based and redpilled. While their parasitic ruthless ways have served their tribe well so far. It’s going to back fire tremendously when people find them. They should of learned how to be mutualistic as a survival strategy because the holocaust is going to happen for real next time.

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Wrong. Straight white men are the most hated ethnic group planned for ethnic replacement. The most privileged people that pretend to be white are Jews. You won the lottery if you are a Jew. You have life handed to you on a silver platter and have the ability to get into and do anything with much less effort then anyone else because of your tribes dominance of everything and extreme nepotism. So called straight white privilege is just jews projecting their privledge onto their enemies so that their NPC nigger golems will mobilize against us. The fact is they project all their crimes onto whites and everything you’ve been told is a lie to keep you inline. You are cattle, you are goyim.

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Nepotism. They control the world and have life handed to them on a silver platter. By being a Jew they have access to a million connections that would guarantee success to anyone with an iq over 90.

The Jew uses his parasitic grasp of the world to liquidate the goyim of his money. If goyim start trying to do things for themselves and escape the usurious Jew slave system they mobilize an golem army to attack those people. During ww2 that was the Russians, British and Americans. In modern day times they are flooding all white countries with niggers and Chinese in an effort to get rid of the white man so they won’t cause anymore problems for the Jew, taking advantage over the goyim.

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Fuck off evil kike. Your kind literally have life handed to you on a silver platter through your people’s neoptism. Stop acting like your kind is of higher iq and that’s why you are successful. You people never lived in a civilization of your own because you sand niggers are too retarded to know how to build a civilization. You can only parasite off of other people that can build civilizations like us whites.

Your kind are being found out more and more by the day. There will be an uprising and we will put you in your rightful place (the oven) for real this time.

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Ou entire world is a complete Jewish scam. The Jews are literally the number one people that control the entire world.

If you are not Jewish you have to play their games if you want to make it.

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Go to pol on eightchan if you want to be redpilled on the jews. A short answer for why they are the best at wealth accumulation is extreme nepotism (pic related). If you are Jewish you’d have to be retarded to not make it.

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DYOR on the Jewish problem. The reality is the Jews do control the world. Why do you think it’s illegal to criticize them?

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