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Girl, i'll give you some general advice but please stop acting like a tard online in the future.

Don't announce yourself as a woman on here. You had to exchange feet pics for some mediocre advice you could have gotten with just a little research and by phrasing your post in a more integrated way. There's a reason why most femanons hide the fact they're women on here. At best you get thirsty betas you can't trust and at worst you can get Bianca'd.

We can see the namefile of the pics. If you want to larp as a uwu soft crypto weeb princess, don't forget to rename picrel because "cute_anime_girl" isn't doing what you want it to do. Generally avoid anime girl pics though, because they're more associated with tranners than with women nowadays.

Weaponized feminity isnt going to get you far. Do your own research, become competent and independant.

Crypto wise: buy low sell high. When you see the numbers going in the red, don't panic. Buy. Unless you just bought at an ATH which you should never do.
You can make money by flipping shitcoins but it is not a good long term investment and it requires more work than it is worth it. Invest in stable crypto that has a future and never invest more than you can afford to loose. I know this has been said many times but it's because despite everything, 80% of this board still doesn't seem to get it and looses money and nerves over it.
Have in mind that crypto could as well be a bubble. That doesn't mean that every coin is a bubble but that the overall market is. Invest in amazon type coins and not pets.com type coins. Always have a back up plan. When people say "buy buy buy!" you should be selling. When people are saying "sell sell sell" you should be buying or holding.

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