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I held this shit for half of 2018 before dumping everything. I could simply no longer ignore the chink scam tactics (CCK insider trading, X-node lock-in scam, etc.). Fortunately for me the biz fud had merit, since the coin plummeted to the abyss soon after. Now it's only recovering because there's a new generation of retards that are ignorant to Scammy Lu's chink tricks. Remember this shit had a token swap so you can't see just how far this garbage plunged from its Chinese hype-driven ATH.

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Thanks for buying my bags

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so now its -80% down his buying opp. surely now its a buy now?

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lol you absolute fucking dumbass. he got given his tokens for free in exchange for them using his name. he's already sold and plebs like you bought his bags.

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B-but Sunny promised me wealth and fortune

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Get in or stay poor

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Get in or stay poor

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Someone please post in their subreddit and ask if their minds arw below yet

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Based and pilled

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Transfering more money to buy that cheap VET as we speak.

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I wouldn't give a shit about these partnerships because hoarding VET to produce Thor is a meme, the gains are marginal from selling Thor if you ever be able to because these companies got free VET from Sunny Lu and will generate their own Thor.

That's said, it's still nice pump opportunity because Oceanex will be launched on Vechainthor and the're raising ICO with Vechain plus some other ICO are coming, the price will rise just because it will be an ICO pump fiesta like with Ethereum.

Knowing Vechain they might also think of something else, maybe it will serve also as a payment currency in the future in China, I'm damn buying Opp definitely.

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Sure is fascinating. Just think of VeChain as a filter for delusional brainlets with superiority complex. The ones still hodling are the worst of their kind.

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It was this guy:

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100 VET at 0.90$ I feel like I'm robing a bank at these prices, damn buying Opp.

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Add pic related to your collection kek

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Based, but if you’re gullible enough to “invest” in VeChain, nothing will shake your resolve.

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B-but the CEO of VeChain said it’s a good investment, and he’s partnered with Jim Breyer and President Xi.

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Based and pilled

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Do you have a gambling addiction?

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