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I've another theory but strictly concerning the monetary policy :
>finance overgrew the real economy by a thousand fold because it's just kike shenanigans and flawed math formulas creating money out of money
>there is so much finance 'money' coming out of the ether (derivatives, CDO, CDS,...) it can't leak into the real world anymore, otherwise it would crash everything due to the insane amounts of digital cash (like apple being able to buy 100 times all the silver in the world with their capitalization)
>to prevent digital money to leak into the real world, the power in place lowered as much as possible interest rates and artificially propped up the stocks market with all the funny money
>it incentive normans and richfags to spend all their money into ever growing stonks and never cash out, luring them with greed and promises of big returns vs getting their cash inflationed away in the real economy
>it's still not enough to contain it all
>(((they))) create the crypto-space, a digital world of infinite resources to match the financial world of infinite number growth
>even bigger returns, even more normans & funny money goes in
>result : no inflation because all the new money created by the FED get poured in stonks and shitcoins instead of the real economy
>kikes crash stonks and shitcoins all of a sudden (the famous cyberpandemic Herr Schwab warn us about)
>all the financial funny money and new printed money suddently vanish *poof*
>deflationary event : no hyperinflation since everybody had all their savings tied to stonks&shitcoins and basically 90% of the money just has been destroyed
>the alchemical frankenstein monster who was the financial world is 'reseted', allowing the real eco and finance to be able to interact once again
>you'll own nothing and you'll be happy.jpg

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If failed to deliver spikes, it might prompt a visibility problem that results in something being done about it, because the scam is indefensible. They (clearing houses, DTCC, SEC) were betting that it could be resolved before the deep crime got exposed. If this isn't the case and diamond apes hold, massive Failed To Deliver shows, Clearing houses and brokers may run for the door to be the first ones to not be owed a share by the shorting hedgies, getting out before the house of cards of GME share IOUs collapse. It's a potential prisoner's dilemma between them. Recalling shares borrowed and refusing to trade new shares with the short hedgies and brokers they use.

Or we might see clueless but corrupt senators and congressmen who don't know they're not supposed to go after this scam go after this scam to gain popularity, resulting in enough political and public pressure for something to be done about it.

If it also becomes public due to how blatant it is, I imagine the buy pressure will increase and the world will ape together until it's resolved and there won't be the long demoralization and capitulation necessary for the hedgies to get out of this mess for real.

I believe the hedgies strategy was a very short term last ditch effort and contingent on prices plummeting on Monday and Thursday way below current levels along with longs giving up and selling massively all the way down. That's why they did something as risky as this. They knew they had 3 days to fix it, so long as they make longs capitulate. The reduced short % after monday trade makes it seem likely that this way their play.

I'm not 100% confident we won't get massively owned by the goldberg cabal, but I find it probable enough that I am still holding until I see end of week Failed To Deliver numbers. The squeeze would be insane if they are forced to cover how much they truly are short. After they run out of money, Brokers --->Clearing Houses --> DTCC -> Banks all have to buy back GME.

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i have been programming and studying computer science for over a decade, and have done so professionaly, and am well-respected by my peers. I am probably top 5% of programmers, so there are many smarter than me. I once tried creating bots for about a year, i had cloud backtesting setup and everything, even my own server farm to contribute compute power, and i couldn't make a bot that is consistently profitable in realtime. Take what you will from this information.

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Bitcoin will break 100K

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my mom wants to invest in crypto for her. it probably wont be much, maybe a couple hundred bucks a month, so im trying to figure out what the best route to take would be. just toss it in something safe like BTC over time which will mean less gains, or should i play some alts? i plan on doing both as her investment money accumulates, but any advice on where i should start?

shes a good lady, i'd like to set her up with a little something for when she's retired. she has a good career and her shit together, and i know once she understands the money that can be made she'd likely increase her bi-weekly investent amount. the fact that i convinced an almost 60 year old woman to invest in cryptocurrency with little persuasion is something in itself.

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on the right track fren

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Director of Operations working on his promotion to council member

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Who ever provides the best DMG related pic gets my coins

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Those longnosed men with silly hats are up to their old tricks again?

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I'm fucking stunned people actually buy BTC. It's a dumpster fire.

>7 tx/s
>hard cap on the block size
>high fees
>broken 2nd layer
>halvening so decreased block reward and no incentive for miners to mine BTC

BSV has won. It supplements miners with fees for transactions and has 60% (roughly) of the total number of transactions on the three bitcoin chains, not to mention the vast library of patents backing it.

BTC's price is too low and difficulty will not adjust in time. Miners will switch. Game over.

You're a moron and your bags are going to turn to ash.

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i'm listening

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checked, Kek protek his tadpoles

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found 200 linkies in my old binance account I don't use anymore
I'm going to buy a valve index

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Will you get out if it hits $745 again? Bulls trying but fighting a losing battle. Looks like it will dump soon.

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most of us are neets that never worked a day in our lives lol you cant tax us

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checked and astrology pilled

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Right, how bet to cash out and pay only an efficient rate of tax- legally of course- assuming you are a britbong? Thanks tax haven anon.

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I mean how? Really? Whales would lose a tremendous amount of money as well as companies that invested in this poniz. I am sure vested interests are protected. There might be a slow deflating (BSV will be caught in the cross fire) but I doubt anything dramatic will happen.

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Anyone have strategies to get grills to respond? I've tried sending dick pics and that didn't work

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you know the thing that the magician does so you don't notice how the trick was done? it's that.

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Don't give up, fren

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i used all my law runes did I make it in time?

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>tfw you will never marry a rich pajeeta

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