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>no you see its actually the next amazon!!
>chainlink will one day have a vast distribution network, billions of people will be able to buy oracles and have them conveniently shipped right to their doors!
>billions of people will be paying a subscription to chainlink prime so they can have a smoother chainlink oracle shopping experience.
>every day millions of different oracles will be bought by customers all over the world and chainlink will employ thousands of in house oracle delivery drivers!!

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>Its not really "ad hominem" though. The pasta is extremely accurate, to the point that it upsets you subhumans and forces you to go into damage control and make shitty gaslighting attempts by pretending that you don't spam biz with fud for hours every single day.
>Dont even respond to this or any other threads - just kill yourself imo.

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>I was also at SmartCon. I was also behind this group in the hallway when Sergey talked to us. I also took some pics...
>I'll be looking for you at the next SmartCon faggot.
>t. OG 80k Link OG that hates Link fudders.

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Kek absolutely seething

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>you lost it a long time ago buddy

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