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Awww did the rentoid get woken up by the homeowner across the street again?

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You had 3 years /biz/, 3 fucking years to buy this shit. That's all you had to do. You got link nice and cheap sub $1 and some of you even got your stakies after link moon/d, congratulations. You have made it! Just don't sell. Stakies is preparing for lift off and some of you new/fag/s and actual retards just don't get it.

Congrats for StakeNeets. Bullrun is ours. Bifinex on the 19th, time is up /biz/.

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>using Pepe to say racism is bad

Is this a fucking joke?

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>>Smartcontract to send ETH:

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Libertarians are gay and cringe

Let society collapse just don’t tax me bro

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I only buy coins with good memes.

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outsider here

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>posting spongebog
Looks like I win. Seethe harder jew.

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Cope harder.

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fucking kek i keep making $500 in profit just by buying the XCM token on uniswap then selling on coinmetro
Once you get past the atrocious KYC it's unironically free money lmao

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There's not even enough liquidity for me to sell my entire stack
The party's just about to begin, as soon as the little hiccups are solved and coingecko listing confirmed the moon mission is guaranteed

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Trust me you'd better hold on to it.

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>$16 for any sustained period ain't happening

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>future positions

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>caring about race in 2020
Listen you nigger. I'm black myself and if I was told this I would have taken the compliment. No matter what they might have thought about your social status or origin, it's a FACT that you're well spoken. Race, or where you come from financially or even socially shouldn't matter in this particular situation as you make it sound like you've gone up in ranks. I would have understood if you were angry because they didn't let you in or rejected your applications because of your name alone. But for this? Nice fucking bait you made me reply.

Stop thinking in terms of race, political association or whatever. Think about you, the individual. No, being proud of one's whiteness or blackness won't help you making it. It will only tie you down to identity politics and make you see things from a warped perspective, where the enemy is someone who has a different skin color than yours when you should be looking at several factors in play :

>where does the money flows
>what the media is trying to make you focused on
>how a bad environment further worsen bad genetically rooted behaviors if left outside of proper HIGH CLASS (i.e = not poor) western education
>poverty is actually the root of all evil
>nose size and associations of people in power
>what religion and beliefs they all seem to follow
>what you should be CTRL-F ing on every single Wikipedia page about things you believe to destroy society as a whole

It's not as simple as the /pol/tards or the SJW are making it out to be. Just as with crypto, DYOR and have an open mind. Godspeed anon. I hope you'll be able to free your mind from this mental prison the media and retards managed to trap you in.

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>It's a product
>It works
You are clearly retarded.

>And Yes YOU DO NEED TO RENT bitcoin channel to trade bitcoin TEST IT FOR YOUR SELF you fuddling shiller.
Wtf are you on about? I mentioned you need to rent a bitcoin channel if you don't own bitcoin. Why are you ignoring facts i've already stated, eg; i've already tested the DEX.

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>shrieking POSW SCAM and writing in a lot of CAPS
Ah yes, the oldest XSN fud of all. Nostalgic, really.

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Nothing good will come out of this token. It's useless, nobody is buying it seriously or planning to hold it. There's no marketing, and crypto make things unnecessarily complicated for something like this.

It's not a scam, or at least I don't think so. But looking at the replies ITT and how utterly useless the token is and the state of the chart, it's safe to say that a massive dump will happen around 6 cents because early buyers who are here only for the speculative aspect WILL take profits. Sell before then

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holy BASED

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>that ID

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Thanks for what?

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>orchestra pauses

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What do you eat in bed, burgers?
Gonna get condiments all over your bed sheets, anon

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