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>Lunatics Token currently worth more than LUNC itself

What does this mean

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I can actually see LUNC mooning to at least $1, but what about the liquidity issue? Almost every current hodler will try to cash out if/when it hits that amount. Collectively that means hundreds of millions of LUNC trying to be sold off all at once. Who would even have the funds and will to buy all that?

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My girlfriends sister who's supposedly some genius autistic savant has just invested her first £300 in bitcoin

What does she know that we don't?

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wtf is with all the AI posts lately, did the AI start posting on 4chan on its own will?

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I could see that, this is /biz/ after all. And all it takes is an inspect element.
Don't fall for it, anons.

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re-read my post
After some more deliberation, I suppose 50k is fair for the make-it stack. 100k was a bit of a leap after the 10k sui stack.

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Found a link
>The OP and his friends appeared on our telegram chat and forum on Friday representing two stories about his lost TOMO; the first one is about the fact that he is dying of liver failure as described in the post above, the second one is about his friend passing away already.
The plot thickens...

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How did she get around the no singles policy?

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What do you recommend, anon? Are all browsers trash?

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I find this woman more attractive with her clothes on than off.

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Aren't mining stocks basically PM backed stocks? Us small timers aren't going to get physical out of them but the same could be said of PSLV, what matters is there's metal there, that always has value.

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is it true that xmr is about to break out?

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>The "dump" is just the nasdaq letting off steam

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How the fuck can people have portfolios with such tiny values that contain shitcoins? You're literally paying 1/3rd, if not half, of your capital on gas fees.

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What's happening Saturday?

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cryptographers and mathematicians help me out. if i use the password phrase ('25 th seed') would it be possible that my 24 seedphrase + bip39 password phrase will generate a hd wallet, that collides with another 24-seedphrase wallet? im constantly pm walletsupports and ask people here about the seed collision propability. so. is it mathematical/cryptographical not possible, that my 24th+passwordphrase somehow by chance generates the same hd wallet master private key, as a wallet with just 24seedphrases? collusion possible? i need to rest peaceful but cant believe that people keep millions of worth just on one keypar... im already splitting small amounts over many different hd wallets

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I don't understand how you faggots ever unironically believed GME could reach over $500. The fact you actually bet on it is even worse. WSB retards bet that GME would be squeezed to the point of hundreds of percent of returns and that happened. ACTUAL INVESTORS from WSB placed their bets early, got the fuck out when profits were made, and only stayed partially in the game (now) to potentially make larger profits off of a small amount of risk.

I swear this GME shit really brought in a bunch of total fucking idiots that should never touch the market. HURR DURR STICK IT TO THE HEDGIES. You fuckers don't even realize how many Wall Street elites got fucking paid with this GME shit. For every hedge fund that got fucked over multiple Wall Street entities got richer. It's all a fucking game.

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>0.04 waiting room
>it already hit 0.09 and promptly shot back down
I feel like this thread is full of disgruntled FOMOers that actually bought the top of a worthless crypto. Like what the fuck were you thinking? This board is so fucking full of morons I have lost faith in it a long time ago.

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Redditors are giving bunk financial advice through this whole thing.

If you have a stake in GME, you should have some a large portion of your shares at $400, and held some for the squeeze. Even DPV cashed out some. Some faggots are literally buying GME at $300+ and not taking any profits, violating pretty much every rule of investing.

I cashed out at $430, made a cool $50k, and now holding the rest in case the squeeze does pan out.

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Should I buy this BNGO dip?
Nice work fren.

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Do I FOMO into GME or just put more into AMC when the market opens? Already holding a small bag of AMC. How high can it theoretically go?

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>buying during peaks of a bullrun
>holding through bear market
>not selling and just rebuying the crash
You dont do this do you?

Do you hate your money?

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is 5 figure 10,000 or 6 figure? because you count only the zeroe parts or the additional 1 too?

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