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I bought AI hoping for pump tomorrow

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I was one

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It's just another dip bros, GME probably wont be this cheap again.

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Bros, I am unironically, not even memeing right now, -50% in my portfolio since March. I'm a new trader so considering the 90/90/90 rule this is actually above average, but still absolute shit and I am ashamed. I made some good calls like SPCE and PLTR, but mostly I FOMO'd and lost to shit memes like KODK and more recently SNDL. I think I learned good lessons from most of these though.

Is it too late to make decent profits during this clown market? I'm afraid this is my only chance and after corona the stocks will go back to normal boomer hours with 5% yields every year instead.

Give it to me straight, do I have a CHANCE still or should I just kill myself to escape wage cuckery for the rest of my life?

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