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Nigger just open up a hardware store in idaho and live the dream

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I wish. If you're not in the field your either at the armory cleaning weapons, police calling or on some gay ass working party, and doing squad or platoon pt every morning. Once in a while you'll do a battalion March and in between all of that if you're a boot your seniors are fucking with you. Then you're waiting around until 5 every day to get off work because first sergeant doesn't want to have to go home and listen to his fat ass wife complain about whatever.

I will say though that the first 3 months after a combat deployment are really chill. During that time you actually do get off early and are allowed to fuck around. But once a work up for a deployment starts its balls to the wall. But since the marines haven't done any salty shit for the past 5 years none of this really applies to anyone who joined after 2014 so they're all eternal boots.

>t. Saltdog

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Thanks man. And not yet as I haven't tried to monetize. I'll probably just run ads when I do though. I can't see affiliate links or anything like that working on my site to generate revenue. But for now I just want to focus on driving traffic to the site. I'll probably have to pay for search rankings for that though. Im getting beat out by mediocre pages like imgur albums at the moment for some important keywords. Another thing I want to do is pay people to make memes for me exclusively so people have a reason to keep coming back. There's a lot to improve on but its been fun so far.

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why aren't millennials willing to settle for a nice, simple starter home? Seems like they all feel entitled to some $1m+ McMansion in California or Hawaii

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