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>This critical approach is me "carving" as you say.
It’s good to be skeptical. Neither of us knows for sure. But I have a really strong hunch about all of this (I come from former Yugoslavia which was balkanized and had a civil war in the 90s).
Time will beat out the truth. You’re free to offer critiques or follow up questions to any points I bring up. Always open to genuine discussion.

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>Go ahead, please tell everyone how you are "fighting the satanic pedo elite" by drumming up pseudo-mysticism connected to the absolute most kosher, most saturnian of crypto projects.
There are clearly different factions advocating and opposing adoption of this technology
There are clear connections of this project with TPTB and yet somehow we are being enriched and empowered and the real resistance that we represent (a la the “link marines”) has the potential to take over the minds.
I linked and article earlier talking about the concept of “occult warfare”
It’s an interesting write up.
And regarding the concept of saturn being evil, I disagree with you. There’s evidence to suggest it’s the same God as that of Moses and Jesus, which makes sense.

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The first part of the black cube book, the author talks about how he repaired his spine and recovered from a spinal injury that his doctors didn’t imagine was possible.
Someone said there’s a PDF out there available outline, might be worth taking a look at.

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>error, you have been banned

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