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Today, at 5PM UTC, Peg "infinite" creation stops. Have you noticed the price / supply of Factom being burnt. Isn't it unusually large? Do you understand FCT, and its implications on Data (I'm looking at you, Linkies) and the DeFi meme? Do you really, truly comprehend what *could* happen, let alone what will?

Last chance to take a "founder" opportunity in PegNet at well under sub penny prices. The breadcrumbs have all been laid out for you. It's up to you how much to play, and how long.

If you miss this, your Christmas present will be large, deep cutting regret, and your New Year's Resolution should be to take a big look at what went wrong in your life.


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Big things happening in Pegnet land. Monday is the start of some truly revolutionary price-action. Watching the Factom burn has me truly mesmerized.

Those who've followed the breadcrumbs so far, get ready to be filthy rich in 2020.

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pegnet is the true cult dig

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Hi. If you're still here, chances are you, you either very much know what you're doing, or you're about to learn some hard lessons. Both sides should take note here, as this is unironically insider information. Factom is being burned at an alarming rate, and is now rapidly deflationary. It's being burned for Pegnet, a new stablecoin ecosystem that has been whispered about the last 6 months. Currently, one can only burn FCT to a pFCT token that through a command line can be sent to the Pegnet system, and burned for the Pegnet token. Soon, a wallet will come out that will make burning to pFCT a lot easier.

It's all still very early. 2300 FCT is created weekly in their inflation model, 17k weekly. They're burning on average 1 weeks supply history every day through the Pegnet burn. This has gone parabolic. Here is a predictable supply of Peg : https://medium.com/pegnet/predictable-supply-of-peg-3fd39124f36?source=---------2------------------

After Monday. 5k per block new peg max conversion limit. Severe supply restriction. Buy FCT. Burn to PegNet to pFCT. Convert in Pegnet into PEG. This creates peg, and the price algo reduces the price. You can create 1million or 10million or xxxmillion. On Monday this path in stops to give predictability to the supply and stability for miners. After Monday you can only buy/create 30,000 peg an hour like this max. This is the start of an arb loop. Anything that TETHER can do , a pUSD can also do , and it has $100s of 1000s of pUSDs already owned... And "being tether" is just one of MANY things Pegnet as a whole can do.

It can be a Forex engine. It could also just be THE way that koreans move KRW across 2 different exchanges to buy shitcoins or just launder money. Shorting is coming , so then the trading options jump a magnitude.

FCT is the means into the PegNet for those with capital. PEG is the means into the PegNet for those with hashing power. Pegnet is Maker. Do not sleep on this.


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Looks like the Pegnet logo. Do you smell the FCT burning?

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Hello, anons.

If you want a true breadcrumbs, follow the Pegnet trail. Factom is being burned at an alarming rate and is now deflationary. Something's happening, and you best pay attention, today. Old heads probably already know what I'm talking about. More down the pipeline in 2 weeks, but this rabbit hole goes deep.

Info drops soon. Tick tock.

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