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So what happens tomorrow and/or next week if all the normies sell GME to take a moderate profit? Will it all dip and go "back to normal" even after the hedgies doubled down? Not even WSB tards will continue buying the dip forever

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What the fuck is a lambrator holie?

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Holy shit. You've got me here

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Is this closer to green or blue?

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Serious question. I have 50.5 Link and 0.1 BTC. Should I convert all my BTC to Link? I seriously think that Link will explode soon. Have any of you done something similar?

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Reddit just banned every right leaning sub, now if we say you have to go back where tf do they go?

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If the economy still runs just fine without the 30,000,000 people laid off what’s the point of re-hiring them?

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I fucked up big time. I have a big work meeting tomorrow with my boss and other coworkers. I have to present on my work and the deadline is tomorrow and I fucked up by procrastinating. At this point it’s too late for me to complete it so I will have to go in with it undone and they are going to be livid and start questioning me. I could even get fired. What the fuck should I do?

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can someone explain what the hells going on with that shit? apparantly john flint (CEO of HSBC) got kekked out because he was lending money to china to prop up their currency. what does that mean for america, europe and china??

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What are the expectations on the percentage drops for total stock index and total bond index in a global recession? Which would crash more?

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Why are 90% of the posts about ETH?
It isnt the only alt that has dropped hard.

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But I do and if she finds out I’m lying she will go apeshit on me. I don’t care about the morals of lying to her it’s just I am scared of her finding out

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This is my only hope.

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You want to impress her with an elevator pitch of your job. What do you say?

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I am going to buy BTC with it. Should I buy all now or wait and DCA? Unironically I don’t know what to do. What do you recommend?

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Should I buy btc with it now? I could get almost 0.5 btc.

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Will it drop below $4k soon?

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Will $80k into BTC right now be enough to make me a millionaire by 2022?

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