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VINU is still the og dogcoin in my heart, that's why I'm still holding

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im kinda scared bros, im fully aware that this could be the last full bullrun we'll experience and then all the tokens that are tossed to the side will never pump, i have a few bag of alts and a reasonable argument to believe that ai tokens will moon (hence why i bought flur.ai, agrs and tao) but what if it all goes wrong? what if some shitcoin like "elon's pubes" ends up pumping instead
it's all so scary frens

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Im sorry to say this anon but you need AT LEAST 30 AGRS in your bags to make it past this bullrun. After we hit 10 again we're not ever stopping. This current discount is your last chance to get some

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Anon i'm working at a mcdonalds and i barely make a 100 dollar profit per month, i won't fucking make it

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What should we expect from AI videos from now on? How can we profit out of it?

i've seen the posts on twitter, i've seen the videos and pages claiming to be implementing or that already did, even BASEAI has video generation "live"

how will this affect the lives of people? i've been told now with this you could make up anything, from stupid memes, fiction, animation or proof in court of you robbing a wendys at 5m in las vegas the 15 of april 2025

Realistically speaking.

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no, there's no "key" to making it, only steps in a long ass stair, if you're delusional enough to think you're gonna x100 in a single day thanks to a specific coin or only making 1 trade with dextools you're not only stupid, but delusional as well

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Once i tried to explain to a girl after she asked me about it when i casually mentioned it on the conversation. I told her about wallets and showed her different pages and talked about coins, memecoins and DEXT and stuff
There was a second date but she clearly wasn't into it and we stopped meeting soon after
Maybe i was too upfront or talked too much? We talked about other topics after i stopped myself, but her general mood changed after that

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bros help me out here what the fuck is going on?

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