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>January 1st, 2021
>I wake up around noon and check coinmarketcap
>I spent New Years Eve alone as usual
>I think about all the memes, all the threads spammed on the Chainlink board of 4channel last night
>All the fud about dropping back to $800
>We finally broke $1,000
>I walk outside and get an Uber to the airport
>I only have the 300 Link I managed to buy early 2020, but I started making enough off staking to quit my job
>I fly to the Cryonics center I've been in touch with
>In the waiting room I browse /link/ (a board made when some anon bought 4channel with his Link gains last August)
>half the threads are anons showing off their yachts, huge orgies, paying homeless people to let them beat the shit out of them, you get the idea
>I wish I'd had gotten in earlier - a few anons were living like literal kings now, complete with their own fledgling countries
>a couple more livestreams pop up - more nolinker suicides
>the jannies quickly take them down
>the doc takes my phone and we make small talk until I slip into the abyss
>Im declared dead
>This sets off my contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within oracles
>The first contract releases the payment to the Cryonics organization
>Immediately after my Link portfolio is reorganized by a series of contracts written to stake my Link automatically for safe profits
>years pass and an army of profit taking contracts are at work, diversifying my portfolio into various assets for another level of security
>100 years pass and the stop loss contracts still haven't kicked in
>As if no time had passed at all I'm awake, for a second I think I'm still waiting to be put into Cryogenic sleep


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