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>Effirium releases an update that fixes their biggest problem which is gas fees making them much cheaper
>This should finally kill MATIC and SOLANA
>MATIC and SOL both poomp, ethereum continues to remain stagnant
clown market for a clown world designed by clowns for clowns.

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trying to convince a fucking nigger roastie to hire me for a job. i'm done with doing irl interviews for positions that lead fuckin nowhere.

/b/ has threads about that all the time if that's your jam, degenerate.

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>Money laundering by giving all the money to a third party
Damn that is GENIUS anon

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>hype driven ai shitcoin pumps x10 then dumps after a week
wew lads i dont think we couldve ever seen this one coming

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>link now needs tacked on gimmicks that have 0 correlation to the project itself in order to remain somewhat kinda relevant at all in today's world
Extremely fucking pathetic. Go buy $pond before they deploy their enclave tech and other coins start using it in order to truly defi themselves out of this centralized shithole you all slop over.

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you have too much on a project ive never heard about so that's bad i think (amp). hbar is pretty dead. qnt and btc are okay. i dont think you should diversify further but look at pond and the stuff they want to release soon(tm).
ok folio i guess deifnitely not as trash as some people here. remember you at least arent dumb enough to fall for hex lol

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